Top/ps process monitor
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# Artwork
Linux Mascot (Tux)
A redraw by Josef Norlin based on the original Tux logo by Larry Ewing
(created in the original GIMP).
Beautiful background images of the sky by rasterman. In the public domain.
# About Evisum (Imagery)
Lichfield Cathedral - West Midlands Constabulary.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0
Generic License. See,
An aerial photograph of the city, modified heavily from the original by the
software author.
# Icons
Mostly from the flat theme by Carsten Haitzler.
Original icon by Apostolos Bartziokas.
All public-domain.
# Thanks
To our dedicated users in '#e'.
Especially OnlyHuman, thrice, Peter2121, ApBBB...
Of course the French, vtorri and billiob.
Philippe Jean Guillaumie <>
For his relentless commitment to translation of EFL applications.
Need a logo for "translated by a human".
okra (Stephen Houston) <>
Apostolos Bartziokas <>
For his testing, feedback and original icon.