exactness: fixed HELP shown with exactness -h

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@ -19,27 +19,53 @@ function DEBUG()
do_help () {
echo "Record tests to produce input-stream to play and set screenshot timing"
echo "To record all tests:"
echo "\$0 -r [-b BaseDir]"
echo "To record specific tests:"
echo "\$0 -r [-b BaseDir] TestName1 [TestName2 ...]"
echo "Use BaseDir arg to write record-files to specific folder."
echo "Use \$0 to test application screen-layout."
echo "First, you need to compose a tests file as follows:"
echo "Each line begins with test name"
echo "second field is test-command and [optional] params."
echo "Any line starting with '#' is a comment (ignored):"
echo "Play tests to produce PNG files of screenshot defined while recording."
echo "To play all tests:"
echo "\$0 -p [-b BaseDir] [-d DestDir]"
echo "To play specific tests:"
echo "\$0 -p [-b BaseDir] [-d DestDir] TestName1 [TestName2 ...]"
echo "To play and rewrite 'orig' dir, use init option for all test: \$0 -i [-b BaseDir]"
echo "To play and rewrite 'orig' dir, use init option for selected tests: \$0 -i [-b BaseDir] [TestName1 ...]"
echo "Use BaseDir arg tell \$0 where record-files are found."
echo "Otherwise, \$0 will try to find it in cwd."
echo "This will also run comprison to produce comp_*.png files in DestDir"
echo "# This is a comment line"
echo "TestName1 TestCmd [param1] [param2]"
echo "Later, you run \$0 with the tests file as parameter."
echo "Two additional parameters that \$0 accepts:"
echo "BaseDir - This is where '.rec' files reside (gets pwd by default)"
echo "DestDir - Where \$0 creates test screen shots."
echo " Gets 'current' under 'pwd' by default ('orig' on init)"
echo "Use the following options:"
echo "To record tests:"
echo "\$0 -r [-b BaseDir] TestsFile"
echo "Use BaseDir arg to create record files in specific folder."
echo "Otherwise pwd is used."
echo "Pressing F2 while recording, sets screen shot at this stage of test."
echo "You may define env-var 'TSUITE_SHOT_KEY' to alter shot-key."
echo "'.rec' file is produced for each test in your TestsFile."
echo "File name is defined as 'TestName.rec' for each test."
echo "You may test your record files with simulate option:"
echo "\$0 -s [-b BaseDir] TestsFile"
echo "You need to run \$0 with init option prior"
echo "to using play option."
echo "Later, when doing play, PNG files are compared with"
echo "PNG files reside in 'orig' folder create when init."
echo "To use init option:"
echo "\$0 -i [-b BaseDir] TestsFile"
echo "Do not use DestDir param with init, target always 'orig'."
echo "Use Play tests option to produce PNG files of screen shot:"
echo "\$0 -p [-b BaseDir] [-d DestDir] TestsFile"
echo "Play option produces PNG files in DestDir."
echo "These are compares with PNGs in 'orig'."
echo "(created in 'init' phase)"
echo "NOTE:"
echo "For all actions require DestDir, when omitting this param we use 'current' as default."
echo "For all actions require using record-files, when omitting BaseDir param we use current-working-directory to locate record-files."
get_test_params () {