exactness: updated file test list.

Signed-off-by: Aharon Hillel <a.hillel@partner.samsung.com>

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@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
# List of tests for elementary widgets
# To be used with exactness
map_3d elementary_test --test-win-only Evas\\ Map\\ 3D
evas_map_3d elementary_test --test-win-only Evas\\ Map\\ 3D
actionslider elementary_test --test-win-only actionslider
anchorblock elementary_test --test-win-only anchorblock
anchorview elementary_test --test-win-only anchorview
@ -21,17 +21,17 @@ ctxpopup elementary_test --test-win-only ctxpopup
diskselector elementary_test --test-win-only disk\\ selector
fileselector elementary_test --test-win-only file\\ selector
fileselector_button elementary_test --test-win-only file\\ selector\\ button
fileselector_entry elementary_test --test-win-only file\\ selector\\ entry
#fileselector_entry elementary_test --test-win-only file\\ selector\\ entry
focus elementary_test --test-win-only focus
gengrid elementary_test --test-win-only gengrid
gengrid2 elementary_test --test-win-only gengrid\\ 2
gengrid_group elementary_test --test-win-only gengrid\\ Group
genlist10 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist
genlist11 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 2
genlist2 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 3
genlist3 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 4
genlist4 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 5
genlist6 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 7
genlist elementary_test --test-win-only genlist
genlist2 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 2
genlist3 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 3
genlist4 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 4
genlist5 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 5
genlist7 elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ 7
genlist_tree elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ Tree
genlist_group elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ Group
genlist_group_tree elementary_test --test-win-only genlist\\ Group\\ Tree
@ -48,10 +48,6 @@ inwin2 elementary_test --test-win-only inwin\\ 2
label elementary_test --test-win-only label
list elementary_test --test-win-only list
list_horizontal elementary_test --test-win-only List\\ -\\ Horizontal
list2 elementary_test --test-win-only list2
list3 elementary_test --test-win-only list3
list4 elementary_test --test-win-only list4
list5 elementary_test --test-win-only list5
naviframe elementary_test --test-win-only naviframe
notify elementary_test --test-win-only notify
pager elementary_test --test-win-only pager
@ -80,7 +76,7 @@ toolbar2 elementary_test --test-win-only toolbar\\ 2
toolbar3 elementary_test --test-win-only toolbar\\ 3
toolbar4 elementary_test --test-win-only toolbar\\ 4
toolbar5 elementary_test --test-win-only toolbar\\ 5
toolbar6 elementary_test --test-win-only toolbar\\ 6
#toolbar6 elementary_test --test-win-only toolbar\\ 6
tooltip elementary_test --test-win-only tooltip
tooltip2 elementary_test --test-win-only tooltip\\ 2
win_states elementary_test --test-win-only Window\\ States