9 Commits (e02ad005f17219e30c6f1b3addb678550aa871e7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Stefan Schmidt f5d21bf0ad build: Use silent rules for automake by deafult. 9 years ago
Daniel Willmann eac1c58b97 There is not data/ dir, don't try to generate Makefiles for it 11 years ago
Tom Hacohen c5860fc6e6 Fixed exactness compilation. Thanks seoz. 11 years ago
Tom Hacohen c2547c0199 Made the exactness script a C program (with improvements). 11 years ago
Cedric BAIL 2f559b6a63 trunk: remove use of AM_PROG_CC_STDC as AC_PROG_CC does it. 11 years ago
Cedric BAIL 869704c31c autotools: move to AC_CONFIG_HEADERS. 11 years ago
Tom Hacohen f51a7e4835 Exactness: Removed useless bin dir. Merging that into elm_test. 12 years ago
Tom Hacohen 113346607b Exactness: install recordings. 12 years ago
Aharon Hillel e820a4033d Exactness: initial commit. 12 years ago