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#include <stdio.h>
#include <Eina.h>
#include <Efl_Core.h>
* Eina Array examples.
* These examples demonstrate how to work with eina_array data and methods.
* We use a simple array of strings to initialise our eina_array before
* performing various mutations and printing the results.
static Eina_Array *
// some content to populate our array
const char *names[] =
"helo", "hera", "starbuck", "kat", "boomer",
"hotdog", "longshot", "jammer", "crashdown", "hardball",
"duck", "racetrack", "apolo", "husker", "freaker",
"skulls", "bulldog", "flat top", "hammerhead", "gonzo"
Eina_Array *array;
unsigned int i;
// set up an array with a growth step to give a little headroom
array = eina_array_new(25);
for (i = 0; i < 20; i++)
eina_array_push(array, strdup(names[i]));
return array;
static void _array_free(Eina_Array *array)
Eina_Array_Iterator iterator;
char *item;
unsigned int i;
// free each item in our array and then free the array itself
EINA_ARRAY_ITER_NEXT(array, i, item, iterator)
static Eina_Bool
_item_print(const void *container EINA_UNUSED, void *data, void *fdata EINA_UNUSED)
// we know our content is just strings so we can simply printf the data
printf(" %s\n", (char *)data);
return EINA_TRUE;
static Eina_Bool
_item_keep(void *data, void *gdata EINA_UNUSED)
const char *name;
name = (const char *)data;
// let's keep any strings that are no more than 7 characters long
if (strlen(name) <= 7)
return EINA_TRUE;
return EINA_FALSE;
efl_main(void *data EINA_UNUSED, const Efl_Event *ev EINA_UNUSED)
Eina_Array *array;
array = _array_create();
// show the contents of our array
printf("Array count: %d\n", eina_array_count(array));
printf("Array contents:\n");
eina_array_foreach(array, _item_print, NULL);
// access a specific item in the array
printf("Top gun: %s\n", (char*)eina_array_data_get(array, 2));
// update a single item in the array
eina_array_data_set(array, 17, strdup("flattop"));
// update the array removing items that do not match the _item_keep criteria
eina_array_remove(array, _item_keep, NULL);
// print the new contents of our array
printf("New array count: %d\n", eina_array_count(array));
printf("New array contents:\n");
eina_array_foreach(array, _item_print, NULL);