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#undef FNAME
#undef NAME
#undef ICON
/* metadata */
#define FNAME textblock_auto_align_start
#define NAME "Textblock auto align"
#define ICON "text.png"
#ifndef PROTO
# ifndef UI
# include "main.h"
/* standard var */
static int done = 0;
/* private data */
static Evas_Object *o_text;
/* setup */
static void _setup(void)
Evas_Object *o;
Evas_Textblock_Style *st;
o = evas_object_textblock_add(evas);
o_text = o;
st = evas_textblock_style_new();
"DEFAULT='font=Sans font_size=10 color=#000000 wrap=word'"
evas_object_textblock_style_set(o, st);
"This is a test of auto alignment in Evas<ps>"
"This text should be left aligned<ps>"
"\xE2\x80\x8FThis text should be right aligned<ps>"
"\xE2\x80\x8FThis text should be right aligned<br>"
"Same as this text.<ps>"
"This text should be left aligned<br>"
"\xE2\x80\x8FSame as this text."
"The word 'זה' should be the rightmost, 'טקסט' after, and 'בעברית' last<br>"
"in the following text:<ps>"
"זה טקסט בעברית<ps>"
"In the next text, the paragraph should be right aligned and the<br>"
"words should appear in the following order: 'דוגמה' first, 'of' second,<br>"
"'טקסט' third, 'english' fourth and 'in' fifth, counting from right to left<ps>"
"דוגמה of טקסט in english."
done = 0;
/* cleanup */
static void _cleanup(void)
/* loop - do things */
static void _loop(double t, int f)
Evas_Coord x, y, w, h, w0, h0;
int i = 0;
evas_object_textblock_size_native_get(o_text, &w0, &h0);
w = w0;
h = h0;
w += fabs(sin((double)(f + (i * 13)) / (31.1 * SLOW))) * (w0);
x = (win_w / 2) - (w / 2);
y = (win_h / 2) - (h0 / 2);
evas_object_move(o_text, x, y);
evas_object_resize(o_text, w, h);
/* prepend special key handlers if interactive (before STD) */
static void _key(char *key)
/* template stuff - ignore */
# endif
#ifdef UI
_ui_menu_item_add(ICON, NAME, FNAME);
#ifdef PROTO
void FNAME(void);
#ifndef PROTO
# ifndef UI
void FNAME(void)
ui_func_set(_key, _loop);
# endif
#undef FNAME
#undef NAME
#undef ICON