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jiin.moon c4dfca2b01 expedite: add test case for image masking
Summary: Add some test case to the expedite

Reviewers: jpeg, cedric, Hermet

Subscribers: cedric

Differential Revision:

Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-02-11 18:57:14 +01:00
Daniel Zaoui 09456566a3 Text: Fix segfault when a test is re-executed.
It happens in the text append test. One of the internal pointers was
pointing to freed memory.
2014-11-20 11:41:47 +02:00
Jean-Philippe Andre 0a40a87039 Fix support of --count from command line
expedite would never exit after N loops
2014-10-22 15:49:25 +09:00
Jean-Philippe Andre 0774f2ceeb UI main loop: Fix indentation 2014-10-22 15:19:05 +09:00
ChunEon Park 6d76a78b23 print a message when it fails to create ecore evas. 2014-10-06 22:15:23 +09:00
Savio Sena 776268d077 expedite: fix to follow the new eo_add semantics.
Please see EFL's commit a7560dbc61953c3652780f232e38adbd2d711972 for
more information.


Reviewers: cedric, tasn

Subscribers: felipealmeida

Differential Revision:

Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2014-09-27 11:23:39 +02:00
Cedric BAIL 578c0b4318 fix wrong ordering of report. 2014-09-04 14:21:20 +02:00
Cedric BAIL 12a8257451 update configuration version to EFL number. 2014-08-22 18:29:02 +02:00
Cedric BAIL 74d732c094 Move to EFL 1.12 interface. 2014-08-22 18:29:02 +02:00
Cedric BAIL 3ef31223f6 cleanup, remove warning, useless if and tab . 2014-08-22 18:29:02 +02:00
Cedric BAIL 281bbd90fd move to use Ecore and Ecore_Evas. 2014-08-22 18:28:59 +02:00
Stefan Schmidt ec0863e6ed engine_drm: Fix typo in error message 2014-07-10 12:34:08 +02:00
Cedric BAIL bacba21ab0 eo: fix build due to change in the Eo API.
Apparently nobody is running expedite this days...
2014-06-25 10:47:42 +02:00
Tom Hacohen acf7130b52 Update code according to the recent eolian generation changes. 2014-06-03 14:21:17 +01:00
Tom Hacohen 4848c66d47 Adjust code to use the slightly different Eo2 API.
With Eo2 you can return values directly without the need to use
a pointer
(use the C return).

For example:
eo_do(obj, elm_object_text_get(&text));
eo_do(obj, text = elm_object_text_get());

2014-04-10 09:54:23 +01:00
Tom Hacohen ea387769f5 Adjusted code to use the Eo2 API. 2014-04-03 12:27:57 +01:00
ChunEon Park 4e5cac21bf added Jaeun Choi to author list. 2014-03-25 14:03:03 +09:00
Jean-Philippe Andre 26ba629f00 Fix previous commit's API usage and improve layout
Font effects now have "padding_set" which will fix the geometry
of the text object. Thanks to Jaeun for preparing this work :)
2014-03-25 11:56:29 +09:00
Jaeun Choi c3890ffeb1 Add font effect tests (alpha blur, rgba blur)
Patch by eunue (Jaeun Choi): D658
2014-03-25 11:34:27 +09:00
Chris Michael d68739908f expedite: Use proper engine field name
@bugfix: The engine field name for Drm engine changed in master.
Update expedite drm engine code to match.

Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-03-06 14:39:54 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c52f943e6e add 1050p mode for output res 2014-03-04 14:56:06 +09:00
Cedric Bail 01ff7df1f2 expedite: report the resolution size in pixels in help. 2014-02-28 13:05:11 -03:00
Cedric Bail 21d03f8a61 expedite: add Samsung Serie 9 resolution. 2014-02-28 12:59:54 -03:00
Cedric Bail 5aa277e4d8 expedite: report when building drm support. 2014-02-28 12:58:25 -03:00
Chris Michael d846790c37 expedite: Add support for setting vsync in drm engine
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-28 12:42:35 +00:00
Chris Michael 3571eef532 Add expedite drm engine files
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:22:48 +00:00
Chris Michael 64cdd1677e Add expedite drm engine functions if built with drm engine support
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:22:11 +00:00
Chris Michael e6442777a4 Add expedite drm header to includes if building with drm support
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:21:22 +00:00
Chris Michael ac729f10f4 Add drm build sources for expedite drm tests
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:20:48 +00:00
Chris Michael bccac2adec Add build option for drm engine
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:20:05 +00:00
Chris Michael 5174c08f1f Fix expedite to build for wayland engines
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:18:04 +00:00
Chris Michael 196b527d51 Fix expedite to build for wayland engines
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:17:49 +00:00
Chris Michael 5f70cec6e5 Fix expedite to build for wayland engines
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:16:27 +00:00
Chris Michael 840686042a Fix expedite building with wayland engines.
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-12 08:10:04 +00:00
Thanatermesis a5e6af917a document the -y option in the default help output 2013-12-02 17:12:30 +01:00
Daniel Zaoui 19e674eeef Fix (from devilhorns) expedite built in the case that we have wayland libraries installed,
but do not have EFL built with wayland support

Hey Devilhorns, I am drunk and I just want to sleep but I promised you
to push it so...
2013-10-23 02:37:10 +03:00
Cedric Bail 36fa887496 expedite: use beta API. 2013-07-23 11:29:11 +09:00
Cedric Bail a829f37b83 expedite: request Eo EFL API. 2013-06-28 10:21:21 +09:00
Cedric Bail 1a9f0c74ae expedite: cleanup formatting. 2013-06-28 10:20:52 +09:00
Chris Michael 394ce6a170 Flush display events after dispatching.
NB: speedup in fps.

Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-06-26 13:55:27 +01:00
Chris Michael 3c7b6797da Flush display events after dispatching
NB: slight speedup in fps.

Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-06-26 13:54:59 +01:00
Chris Michael 504bb0e2bb If we cannot connect to the wayland display, then print an error and

Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-06-26 12:53:00 +01:00
Chris Michael 078473137f Add missing initializer for wl_seat_listener name function
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-06-26 12:39:47 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5dabf01fca fix valgrind complaint in proxy test 2013-06-11 11:35:43 +09:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 02f1fb2a92 Applied recent evas_canvas_render_async API change.
-EAPI Eina_Bool         evas_render_async(Evas *e, Evas_Event_Cb func, void *data) EINA_ARG_NONNULL(1);
+EAPI Eina_Bool         evas_render_async(Evas *e) EINA_ARG_NONNULL(1);
2013-03-27 09:32:11 +09:00
Christopher Michael b5916516c1 We should use dispatch_pending here.
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 84381
2013-02-26 14:51:11 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 4689ceb088 add new test to expedite.
SVN revision: 84374
2013-02-26 09:53:51 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 244a1da63c expedite: test and benchmark lines.
SVN revision: 84039
2013-02-18 06:50:33 +00:00
Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) 81676f217d Remove unecessary code
With the fresh new Evas Wayland SHM engine, it is not necessary to handle with
surface damage and commits anymore. Also let's not synchronize the rendering
with the compositor, because we want to be as fast as possible for the sake of
the benchmark.

Signed-off-by: Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) <>

SVN revision: 83329
2013-01-25 13:24:17 +00:00
ChunEon Park dce0fb3159 expedite - removed filter/mask codes
SVN revision: 83323
2013-01-25 10:55:11 +00:00