AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-31updating desktop filesenlightenment-0.18Massimo Maiurana
2013-07-04Fixed sorting of desktop filesMassimo Maiurana
2013-07-02updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana
2013-06-20updating esperanto translationsMassimo Maiurana
2013-06-17Revert previous commit. Damn svn, didn't mean to delete the whole dir.Tom Hacohen
2013-06-17Migrated some E extra modules to git.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-29adding serbian + one french po filesMassimo Maiurana
2013-04-29adding serbian translationsMassimo Maiurana
2013-04-29updating french translationsMassimo Maiurana
2013-02-05updating catalan and esperanto translationsMassimo Maiurana
2013-01-06updating lithuanian translationMassimo Maiurana
2013-01-04trunk: remove use of AM_PROG_CC_STDC as AC_PROG_CC does it.Cedric BAIL
2013-01-04autotools: move to AC_CONFIG_HEADERS.Cedric BAIL
2012-12-21Update Simplified Chinese translation for memAron Xu
2012-12-05updating esperanto translationsMassimo Maiurana
2012-11-27updating esperanto translationsMassimo Maiurana
2012-11-20updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana
2012-09-18adding gl translations and updating it and ptMassimo Maiurana
2012-08-25updating portuguese and italian translationsMassimo Maiurana
2012-07-27sed -i 's/(E_Gadcon_Client_Class/(const E_Gadcon_Client_Class/g' Mike Blumenkrantz
2012-02-02updating arabic translationMassimo Maiurana
2012-01-24updating arabic translationMassimo Maiurana
2012-01-12E_Modules_Extra (mem): Fix module aspect ration so text does not getChristopher Michael
2011-11-14E-MODULES-EXTRA: add const to _gc_label() functionsBoris Faure
2011-10-22Updated Czech translations in emodules, thanks belisarivs.Daniel Kolesa
2011-09-05updating dutch and french translationsMassimo Maiurana
2011-08-05Update specs from central template to:Michael Jennings
2011-06-06fix possible undef ref when gettext is disabled or not installedVincent Torri
2011-06-06make gettext optionalVincent Torri
2011-03-17e-modules: update do e_gadcon_util_cliet_menu_append api changes. allowing to...Hannes Janetzek
2011-02-25updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana
2011-02-23updating slovenian translationMassimo Maiurana
2011-02-21updating slovenian translationMassimo Maiurana
2011-02-16updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana
2011-02-06updating ukrainian translationsMassimo Maiurana
2011-01-16updating german translationsMassimo Maiurana
2011-01-04Back to work: first wave of global Czech translation update in SVN.Daniel Kolesa
2010-12-05updating portuguese translationsMassimo Maiurana
2010-10-19Apply module categories.Miculcy Brian
2010-09-29updating portuguese translationsMassimo Maiurana
2010-09-10updating french and italian translationsMassimo Maiurana
2010-09-09fix recent menu api breakMiculcy Brian
2010-08-13adding portuguese translationsMassimo Maiurana
2010-07-16people really need to stop making batch commits without checking to see if th...Mike Blumenkrantz
2010-07-13updating french translationMassimo Maiurana
2010-07-06Fixes for Ecore Api changes.Christopher Michael
2010-03-08remove useless titleMiculcy Brian
2010-02-16Sync translations from Launchpad.Aron Xu
2009-12-03Sync translations from launchpadAron Xu
2009-10-09Enable silent rules if possible.Christopher Michael