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Updating catalan translationenlightenment-0.17
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+++ b/po/ca.po
@@ -1,451 +1,445 @@
+# Catalan translation for enlightenment
+# Copyright (c) 2013 Rosetta Contributors and Canonical Ltd 2013
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the enlightenment package.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
-"Project-Id-Version: Marc Furtià  i Puig\\\n"
-"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: enlightenment-devel@lists.sourceforge.net\n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-01-29 18:09+0100\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-02-01 09:53+0100\n"
-"Last-Translator: Marc Furtià i Puig <marc.furtia@gmail.com>\n"
-"Language-Team: \n"
-"Language: ca\n"
+"Project-Id-Version: enlightenment\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-12-30 12:11+0100\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-12-30 11:20+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
+"Language-Team: Catalan <ca@li.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
-"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
-"X-Poedit-Bookmarks: -1,-1,1139,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1\n"
-"X-Generator: Poedit 1.5.4\n"
+"X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2014-01-11 06:34+0000\n"
+"X-Generator: Launchpad (build 16890)\n"
#: src/e_mod_main.c:52
msgid "Config init failed"
-msgstr "Configuració d'inici fallada"
+msgstr ""
#: src/e_mod_main.c:53
msgid "Parser init failed"
-msgstr "Analitzador inici fallada"
+msgstr ""
#: src/e_mod_main.c:54
msgid "Feeds init failed"
-msgstr "Feeds inici fallats"
+msgstr ""
#: src/e_mod_main.c:55
msgid "Viewer init failed"
-msgstr "Vista inici fallada"
+msgstr ""
#: src/e_mod_main.c:56
msgid "Popup subsystem init failed"
-msgstr "Subsistema Finestra Emergent inicial fallada"
+msgstr ""
#: src/e_mod_main.c:219
msgid "News"
-msgstr "Notícies"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config.c:100
#, c-format
-msgid "<hilight>News module : Configuration Upgraded</hilight><br><br>Your configuration of news module<br>has been upgraded<br>Your settings were removed<br>Sorry for the inconvenience<br><br>(%d -> %d)"
-msgstr "<hilight>Mòdul Notícies : Configuració Actualitzada</hilight><br><br>La configuració del mòdul de les notícies<br> ha estat actualitzat<br>Les teves preferències han estat borrades<br>Perdona per l'inconvenient<br><br>(%d -> %d)"
+msgid ""
+"<hilight>News module : Configuration Upgraded</hilight><br><br>Your "
+"configuration of news module<br>has been upgraded<br>Your settings were "
+"removed<br>Sorry for the inconvenience<br><br>(%d -> %d)"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config.c:112
#, c-format
-msgid "<hilight>News module : Configuration Downgraded</hilight><br><br>Your configuration of News module<br>has been downgraded<br>Your settings were removed<br>Sorry for the inconvenience<br><br>(%d ->%d)"
-msgstr "<hilight>Mòdul Notícies : Configuració Des-actualitzada</hilight><br><br>La configuració del mòdul Notícies<br>ha estat desactualitzat<br>Les serves preferències ha estat borrada<br>Perdona per l'inconvenient<br><br>(%d ->%d)"
+msgid ""
+"<hilight>News module : Configuration Downgraded</hilight><br><br>Your "
+"configuration of News module<br>has been downgraded<br>Your settings were "
+"removed<br>Sorry for the inconvenience<br><br>(%d ->%d)"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:90
msgid "News Main Configuration"
-msgstr "Configuració Principal Notícies"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:192
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:230
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:358
-#: src/news_menu.c:153
+#: src/news_config_dialog.c:192 src/news_config_dialog.c:230
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:358 src/news_menu.c:153
msgid "Feeds"
-msgstr "Feeds"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:194
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:238
+#: src/news_config_dialog.c:194 src/news_config_dialog.c:238
msgid "Sort lists by name (disable Move action)"
-msgstr "Ordena llista per nom ( des-habilita acció moviment)"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:199
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:307
+#: src/news_config_dialog.c:199 src/news_config_dialog.c:307
#: src/news_viewer.c:307
msgid "News Viewer"
-msgstr "Visor Notícies"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:201
msgid "Font size"
-msgstr "Mida Font"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:204
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:318
+#: src/news_config_dialog.c:204 src/news_config_dialog.c:318
#, c-format
msgid "%1.0f"
-msgstr "%1.0f"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:207
msgid "Font color"
-msgstr "Color de Font"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:232
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:272
+#: src/news_config_dialog.c:232 src/news_config_dialog.c:272
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:292
msgid "Timer"
-msgstr "Temporitzador "
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:234
#, c-format
msgid "%1.0f min"
-msgstr "%1.0f Minuts"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:243
msgid "Browser"
-msgstr "Navegador"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:245
msgid "Uses xdg-open script, from freedesktop.org"
-msgstr "Usa script xdg-open, de freedesktop.org"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:250
msgid "Popup On News"
-msgstr "Finestres emergents de Notícies"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:253
msgid "Never"
-msgstr "Mai"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:259
msgid "Only on urgent feeds"
-msgstr "Només en feeds urgents"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:265
msgid "On all feeds"
-msgstr "En tots els feeds"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:274
-#: src/news_config_dialog.c:294
+#: src/news_config_dialog.c:274 src/news_config_dialog.c:294
#, c-format
msgid "%1.0f s"
-msgstr "%1.0f s"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:282
msgid "Popup On Warning / Error"
-msgstr "Finestres emergens en Perill / Error"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:287
msgid "Show on timeout ?"
-msgstr "Mostra en fora de temps?"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:309
msgid "Unread feeds first"
-msgstr "Feeds no llegits primer"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:311
msgid "Unread articles first"
-msgstr "Articles no llegits primer"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:313
msgid "Sort articles by date"
-msgstr "Ordena articles per data"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:316
msgid "Font"
-msgstr "Font"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:326
msgid "Font Shadow"
-msgstr "Ombra Font"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:338
msgid "Proxy"
-msgstr "Proxy"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:340
msgid "Enable"
-msgstr "Autoritza"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:342
msgid "Host"
-msgstr "Host"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog.c:346
msgid "Port"
-msgstr "Port"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:50
msgid "News Category Configuration"
-msgstr "Configuració Categoria Notícies"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:135
msgid "Icon"
-msgstr "Icona"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:145
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:410
+#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:145 src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:410
msgid "Name"
-msgstr "Nom"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:203
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:543
+#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:203 src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:543
msgid "Select an Icon"
-msgstr "Selecciona un icona "
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:228
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:568
+#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:228 src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:568
msgid "OK"
-msgstr "D'acord"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:229
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:569
+#: src/news_config_dialog_category.c:229 src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:569
msgid "Cancel"
-msgstr "Cancel·la "
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:63
msgid "You need to <hilight>create a category</hilight> first"
-msgstr "Es necessita <hilight> crear una categoria</hilight> primer"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:77
msgid "News Feed Configuration"
-msgstr "Configuració Notícies Feed"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:329
msgid "Basic informations"
-msgstr "Informació Bàsica"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:345
msgid "Name :"
-msgstr "Nom:"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:349
msgid "Feed url :"
-msgstr "URL de Feed:"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:353
msgid "Mark as important feed"
-msgstr "Marca com important aquest feed"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:358
msgid "Category"
-msgstr "Categoria "
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:368
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:412
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:368 src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:412
msgid "Language"
-msgstr "Llengua"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:391
msgid "Advanced informations"
-msgstr "Informació Avançada "
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:393
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:414
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:393 src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:414
msgid "Description"
-msgstr "Descripció "
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:397
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:416
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:397 src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:416
msgid "Home url"
-msgstr "Home URL"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:405
msgid "Server informations"
-msgstr "Informació Servidor"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feed.c:407
msgid "Do allow the server to overwrite the informations you entered ?"
-msgstr "Es permet al servidor sobre-escriure informació que s'ha entrat ?"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:82
msgid "News Feeds Configuration"
-msgstr "Configuració Notícies Feeds"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:290
msgid "Categories"
-msgstr "Categories"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:301
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:375
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:301 src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:375
#: src/news_config_dialog_item_content.c:283
msgid "Move Up"
-msgstr "Mou Amunt"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:304
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:378
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:304 src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:378
#: src/news_config_dialog_item_content.c:287
msgid "Move Down"
-msgstr "Mou Avall"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:314
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:388
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:314 src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:388
msgid "Add"
-msgstr "Afegir"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:316
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:390
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:316 src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:390
msgid "Delete"
-msgstr "Borra"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:319
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:393
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:319 src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:393
msgid "Configure"
-msgstr "Configura"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:331
-#: src/news_config_dialog_langs.c:133
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:331 src/news_config_dialog_langs.c:133
msgid "Languages"
-msgstr "LLengues"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:333
msgid "All"
-msgstr "Tot"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:336
msgid "Select"
-msgstr "Selecció"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:346
msgid "Empty the lists"
-msgstr "Buida la llista"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:349
msgid "Restore default lists"
-msgstr "Restaura la llista per defecte"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:686
-msgid "There are <hilight>feeds</hilight> in this category.<br>You have to <hilight>remove them first</hilight>"
-msgstr "Hi ha <hilight>Feeds</hilight> en aquesta categoria.<br>S'han de <hilight>borrar els feeds primer</hilight>"
+msgid ""
+"There are <hilight>feeds</hilight> in this category.<br>You have to "
+"<hilight>remove them first</hilight>"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:754
-#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:779
+#: src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:754 src/news_config_dialog_feeds.c:779
msgid "News Module - Are you sure ?"
-msgstr "Mòdul Novetats - Estàs segur ?"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:40
msgid "News Gadget Configuration"
-msgstr "Configuració Artefacte Novetats"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:104
msgid "View Mode"
-msgstr "Mode de Vista"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:107
msgid "Show one icon for all feeds"
-msgstr "Mostra un icona per tots els feeds"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:109
msgid "Show all feeds"
-msgstr "Mostra tots els feeds"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:111
msgid "Show unread feeds"
-msgstr "Mostra feeds no llegits"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:113
msgid "Show all feeds marked as important"
-msgstr "Mostra tots els feeds marcats com a importants"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:115
msgid "Show unread feeds marked as important"
-msgstr "Mostra feeds no llegits marcats com a important"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:120
msgid "Feed open in"
-msgstr "Obra Feed a"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:123
msgid "the feed viewer"
-msgstr "Visor de Feed"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:125
msgid "my favorite browser"
-msgstr "El meu navegador preferit"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:127
msgid "Browser opens home url"
-msgstr "Navegador obra home url"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:129
msgid "instead of feed url"
-msgstr "millor de feed url"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item.c:136
msgid "Apply this to all News gadgets"
-msgstr "Aplica això a tots els artefactes de Notícies"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item_content.c:53
msgid "News Gadget Content Configuration"
-msgstr "Configuració Contingut Artefacte de Novetats"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item_content.c:258
msgid "Available Feeds"
-msgstr "Feeds Disponibles"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item_content.c:267
msgid "Add this Feed"
-msgstr "Afegeix Notícia"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item_content.c:274
msgid "Selected Feeds"
-msgstr "Feeds Seleccionats "
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_item_content.c:292
msgid "Remove this Feed"
-msgstr "Borra aquest Feed"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_langs.c:45
msgid "News Feeds Language Configuration"
-msgstr "Configuració Llengua Feeds de novetats"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_langs.c:123
msgid "Welcome to News Module !"
-msgstr "Benvingut al Mòdul Notícies"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_config_dialog_langs.c:125
msgid "Please select the languages that you are able to read"
-msgstr "Si us plau selecciona les llengues que ets capaç de llegir"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_feed.c:291
msgid "The <hilight>name</hilight> you entered is not correct"
-msgstr "El <hilight>Nom</hilight> que s'ha entrat no és correcta"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_feed.c:296
msgid "The need to <hilight>select a category</hilight>."
-msgstr "Es necessita <hilight>seleccionar una categoria</hilight>."
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_feed.c:302
#, c-format
-msgid "A feed with the <hilight>name</hilight> %s <hilight>already exists</hilight><br>in the %s category<br><br>Its not possible to have feeds with the same name<br>in one category."
-msgstr "El Feed amb el <hilight>Nom</hilight> %s ist <hilight>ja existeix</hilight> en la categoria %s.<br>br>No és possible tenir feeds amb el mateix nom<br> en una categoria."
+msgid ""
+"A feed with the <hilight>name</hilight> %s <hilight>already "
+"exists</hilight><br>in the %s category<br><br>Its not possible to have feeds "
+"with the same name<br>in one category."
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_feed.c:311
msgid "You need to select a <hilight>language</hilight>."
-msgstr "Es necessita escollir una <hilight>llengua</hilight>"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_feed.c:318
msgid "The <hilight>url</hilight> you specified is not correct"
-msgstr "La <hilight>URL</hilight> no és correcta "
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_feed.c:880
msgid "You need to enter a <hilight>name</hilight> !"
-msgstr "Es necessita entrar un <hilight>Nom</hilight>!"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_feed.c:888
-msgid "The <hilight>name</hilight> you entered is <hilight>already used</hilight><br>by another category"
-msgstr "El <hilight>Nom</hilight>que s'ha introduit està <hilight>essent usat</hilight><br>Per una altra categoria"
+msgid ""
+"The <hilight>name</hilight> you entered is <hilight>already "
+"used</hilight><br>by another category"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_menu.c:131
msgid "Set all as read"
-msgstr "Marca tot com a llegit"
+msgstr ""
-#: src/news_menu.c:137
-#: src/news_viewer.c:380
+#: src/news_menu.c:137 src/news_viewer.c:380
msgid "Update"
-msgstr "Actualitza"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_menu.c:148
msgid "Gadget"
-msgstr "Artefacte"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_menu.c:158
msgid "Main"
-msgstr "Cos"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_menu.c:163
msgid "Settings"
@@ -453,52 +447,28 @@ msgstr "Preferències"
#: src/news_menu.c:168
msgid "Gadget Contents"
-msgstr "Contingut Artefacte"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_utils.h:13
-msgstr "Mòdul Novetats DEBUG DEBUG DEBUG DEBUG"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_utils.h:20
msgid "News Module"
-msgstr "Mòdul Novetats"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_utils.h:27
msgid "News Module Error"
-msgstr "Error Mòdul Novetats"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_viewer.c:372
msgid "Feeds in this gadget"
-msgstr "Feeds en l'artefacte "
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_viewer.c:388
msgid "Set as read"
-msgstr "Marca com a llegit"
+msgstr ""
#: src/news_viewer.c:438
msgid "Articles in selected feed"
-msgstr "Articles en el feed seleccionat "
-#~ msgid "Newsfeeds"
-#~ msgstr "Newsfeeds"
-#~ msgid "Configure this feed"
-#~ msgstr "Dieses Feed konfigurieren"
-#~ msgid "Update all feeds"
-#~ msgstr "Alle Feeds aktualisieren"
-#~ msgid "Configure gadget"
-#~ msgstr "Gadget konfigurieren"
-#~ msgid "Configure gadget content"
-#~ msgstr "Gadgetinhalt konfigurieren"
-#~ msgid "Main Configuration"
-#~ msgstr "Hauptkonfiguration"
-#~ msgid "Feeds Configuration"
-#~ msgstr "Feedkonfiguration"
-#~ msgid "Configuration"
-#~ msgstr "Konfiguration"
+msgstr ""