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2020-04-18Penguins: switch to meson buildDave Andreoli
2009-08-03EMODULES: Fix & Unify autofoo stuff everywhere, fix dist tarballs support, ad...Daniel Kolesa
2009-05-11updating esperanto translationMassimo Maiurana
2009-03-07updating greek translationsMassimo Maiurana
2009-01-28french translations for desktop filesMassimo Maiurana
2009-01-04Translated .desktop files in E-MODULES-EXTRA to Czech.Daniel Kolesa
2008-10-24Fix module.desktop <title> tag for b_and_w in all modulesDavide Andreoli
2008-10-20Correct use of <title> tag in module.desktopDavide Andreoli
2008-09-01Use correct <br>Davide Andreoli
2008-09-01Fix .desktop as Toma reported. Thanks!Davide Andreoli
2008-04-30hu translations for desktop filesMassimo Maiurana
2007-12-30Fix up module.desktop descriptions for new box width.Christopher Michael
2007-11-08 Place the module in the correct categoryDavide Andreoli
2007-11-04*** empty log message ***Massimo Maiurana
2007-10-20Initial penguins module commit.Davide Andreoli