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2021-04-25Fix icons for DVD, BD and Audio CDDave Andreoli
2012-01-24 make the header a big button, pressing will open home dirDavide Andreoli
2012-01-24 * better theme for the headerDavide Andreoli
2011-02-22Prevent Places gadget from segfaulting Enlightenment on FreeBSD, add UFS/ZFS ...Daniel Kolesa
2010-12-08Try to use freedesktop icons in the Places module.Davide Andreoli
2009-01-25 * sort internal hd firstDavide Andreoli
2009-01-25new ipod iconDavide Andreoli
2009-01-25needed filesDavide Andreoli
2009-01-25 * use hd & cdrom icons from the e theme (can use more in future)Davide Andreoli
2009-01-25 Add a PSP (Playstation portable) iconDavide Andreoli
2008-12-06Places module in SVNDavide Andreoli