AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-09mod: thats start stop not only startHEADmasterMarcel Hollerbach
2017-08-28ignore unresolved definesMarcel Hollerbach
2017-08-03presentator: really decrease the font sizev1.0.0Marcel Hollerbach
2017-07-31presentator: enhance error messagesv0.2.0Marcel Hollerbach
2017-07-30Let there be a READMEv0.1.0Marcel Hollerbach
2017-07-30presentator: save the scale valueMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-30presentator: place notify correctlyMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-30presentator: free iteratorMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-30presentator: set scale correctlyMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-30presentator: display on active zoneMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-23presentator: add more options to increase and decrease font sizeMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-22mod: make the timer betterMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-22cleanup on shutdown correctlyMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-22more things!Marcel Hollerbach
2017-07-21inital code stuffMarcel Hollerbach