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2014-04-14 13:21:03 -07:00
# Copyright (C) 2007-2014 various contributors (see AUTHORS)
2014-04-11 08:12:49 -07:00
# This file is part of Python-EFL.
2014-04-11 08:12:49 -07:00
# Python-EFL is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
2014-04-11 08:12:49 -07:00
# modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
# version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
2014-04-11 08:12:49 -07:00
# Python-EFL is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
2014-04-11 08:12:49 -07:00
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
# along with this Python-EFL. If not, see <>.
2014-04-11 08:12:49 -07:00
from efl.eina cimport Eina_Bool, Eina_Free_Cb
from efl.ethumb.enums cimport Ethumb_Thumb_FDO_Size, Ethumb_Thumb_Format, \
Ethumb_Thumb_Aspect, Ethumb_Thumb_Orientation
cdef extern from "Ethumb.h":
cdef struct Ethumb:
int tw
int th
int format
int aspect
ctypedef void (*Ethumb_Generate_Cb)(void *data, Ethumb *e, Eina_Bool success)
# Ethumb
int ethumb_init()
void ethumb_shutdown()
Ethumb *ethumb_new()
void ethumb_free(Ethumb *e)
# Setup
Eina_Bool ethumb_frame_set(Ethumb *e, const char *theme_file, const char *group, const char *swallow)
void ethumb_frame_get(Ethumb *e, const char **theme_file, const char **group, const char **swallow)
void ethumb_thumb_dir_path_set(Ethumb *e, const char *path)
const char * ethumb_thumb_dir_path_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_thumb_category_set(Ethumb *e, const char *category)
const char * ethumb_thumb_category_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_thumb_path_set(Ethumb *e, const char *path, const char *key)
void ethumb_thumb_path_get(Ethumb *e, const char **path, const char **key)
void ethumb_thumb_hash(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_thumb_hash_copy(Ethumb *dst, Ethumb *src)
void ethumb_thumb_fdo_set(Ethumb *e, Ethumb_Thumb_FDO_Size s)
void ethumb_thumb_size_set(Ethumb *e, int tw, int th)
void ethumb_thumb_size_get(Ethumb *e, int *tw, int *th)
void ethumb_thumb_format_set(Ethumb *e, Ethumb_Thumb_Format f)
Ethumb_Thumb_Format ethumb_thumb_format_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_thumb_aspect_set(Ethumb *e, Ethumb_Thumb_Aspect a)
Ethumb_Thumb_Aspect ethumb_thumb_aspect_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_thumb_orientation_set(Ethumb *e, Ethumb_Thumb_Orientation o)
Ethumb_Thumb_Orientation ethumb_thumb_orientation_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_thumb_crop_align_set(Ethumb *e, float x, float y)
void ethumb_thumb_crop_align_get(Ethumb *e, float *x, float *y)
void ethumb_thumb_quality_set(Ethumb *e, int quality)
int ethumb_thumb_quality_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_thumb_compress_set(Ethumb *e, int compress)
int ethumb_thumb_compress_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_video_start_set(Ethumb *e, float start)
float ethumb_video_start_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_video_time_set(Ethumb *e, float time)
float ethumb_video_time_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_video_interval_set(Ethumb *e, float interval)
float ethumb_video_interval_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_video_ntimes_set(Ethumb *e, unsigned int ntimes)
unsigned int ethumb_video_ntimes_get(Ethumb *e)
void ethumb_video_fps_set(Ethumb *e, unsigned int fps)
unsigned int ethumb_video_fps_get(Ethumb *e)
# Basics
void ethumb_document_page_set(Ethumb *e, unsigned int page)
unsigned int ethumb_document_page_get(Ethumb *e)
Eina_Bool ethumb_file_set(Ethumb *e, const char *path, const char *key)
void ethumb_file_get(Ethumb *e, const char **path, const char **key)
void ethumb_file_free(Ethumb *e)
Eina_Bool ethumb_generate(Ethumb *e, Ethumb_Generate_Cb finished_cb, void *data, Eina_Free_Cb free_data)
Eina_Bool ethumb_exists(Ethumb *e)
Ethumb *ethumb_dup(Ethumb *e)
Eina_Bool ethumb_cmp(Ethumb *e1, Ethumb *e2)
int ethumb_hash(void *key, int key_length)
int ethumb_key_cmp(void *key1, int key1_length, void *key2, int key2_length)
unsigned int ethumb_length(void *key)
cdef class PyEthumb:
cdef Ethumb *obj