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Put in a first, still wip, version of the python bindings in a merged tree. This is meant to be the 1.8 version of the wrappers and will include everything that now is in the python folder. Atm this include evas, ecore, edje, elementary and emotion (emotion still commented in the build couse it need some more testing). Eo is used as a base for all the objects that inherit from it in C, but in real nothing is used from Eo, it is used more like a container to share code between the libs. All the docs has been stripped out because we want to use the new sphinx style docs that Kay has done in his git repo. (Kay: please wait a little bit to include it, as working on the libs without docs is much more easy) The new wrappers include a new container module called efl and thus you can live with both the old and the new installation. This also means that you need to import the new modules as: "from efl import evas" (instead of the old "import evas") The idea here is that you can make your code works with both version doing something like: try: import evas except: from efl import evas is done in the gtk bindings Some stuff has been leaved out on purpose, because was old stuff (like the hacked evas rotation stuff) or because was not working as expected (like all the ecore.evas.XXX modules). See the TODO.txt file for more info. Probably some stuff is out just because I missed them, let me know if you miss something. Improvements from the old version: - Py3 compatible (still some work to be done, but really only TODO, no problems to resolv) - Should also works on other platforms, like windoz (but not tested) - Unittests greatly improved, you can also run ALL tests at once - much more simpler :) I will contine the works in the next weeks and hope someone will help too. NOTE: I switched back to instead of autotools, because that is the right way to compile python stuff. So to build just use: python install or python3 install Enjoy davemds SVN revision: 83831
2013-02-11 14:32:50 -08:00
1. Python 2.7 or higher (
- Tested with Python 2.7 / 3.2
2. Cython 0.17.3 or higher (
- Tested with Cython 0.17.3
3. EFL core library
- eo, evas, ecore, edje, elementary and, optionally, emotion
4. pkg-config (
- Windows executable (and GLib dependency) can be downloaded from
Once EFL is built and installed in your desired destination, proceed with
building the wrapper.
2a. BUILDING WITH GCC/G++ (Linux, OS X, etc.)
python build_ext
2b. BUILDING WITH Visual Studio (Windows)
python build_ext
python build_ext -c mingw32
4a. For system-wide installation (needs administrator privileges):
python install
4b. For user installation:
python install --user
4c. To install for python3:
python3 install (also cython need to be installed with py3)
You can run individual tests or use the in each folder or
even in the tests/ base dir to run all the tests at once.
The tests in elementary are not unittest and are meant to be run by the user
as they usually require some sort of interaction.