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Class properties
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Using keyword arguments to set properties
Distutils helpers for your
.. versionadded:: 1.13
For your convenience **python-efl** provide some usefull `distutils
<>`_ Commands to be used in your
**** script.
Provided commands are:
* ``build_edc`` To build (using edje_cc) and install your application themes.
* ``build_i18n`` To integrate the gettext framework.
* ``build_fdo`` To install .desktop and icons as per FreeDesktop specifications.
* ``uninstall`` To uninstall your app.
* ``build_extra`` Adds the provided commands to the build target.
The usage is quite simple, just import and add them in your setup() cmdclass.
.. code-block:: python
from distutils.core import setup
from efl.utils.setup import build_edc, build_i18n, build_fdo
from efl.utils.setup import build_extra, uninstall
cmdclass = {
'build': build_extra,
'build_edc': build_edc,
'build_i18n': build_i18n,
'build_fdo': build_fdo,
'uninstall': uninstall,
'install': {'record': ('', 'installed_files.txt')}
The **install** option is required if you want to use the **uninstall** command.
The **build_extra** command is only used to automatically add all the other
commands to the default build command, you probably always want it, unless
you are providing your own yet.
Once you have added a command you can look at the help for more informations,
for example::
python build_i18n --help
or more in general::
python --help-commands