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@ -4,16 +4,6 @@ BUGS
* Evas: smart object doesn't work
* EdjeEdit: PartState API does not work
* Docs: GenlistWidget is documented instead of Genlist
(all the scrollable are affected)
- One solution to this is to use inherited-members option in autodoc.
Is there a way to have only the immediate parents this way?
- Another is having an abstraction layer with all functions defined and
documented in Genlist and then calling the parent class functions.
This defeats the purpose of having it in many classes.
Perhaps there is some clever way to use getattr and __doc__ = ...?
@ -31,13 +21,15 @@ TODO
* Split base object defines from includes/efl.evas.pxd so that everything
defined there doesn't get included to the C code that cimports it.
This may have been fixed in latest versions of Cython.
* Add more scrollables once the documentation issue (and others) is solved.
* Add compatibility properties/methods for scrollables
* Check that all scrollable Elm widgets are documented as being such.
* Review the new elm list type object item system.
* Check for documentation changes.
* Elm Drag-n-Drop (in progress/kuuko)
* Unit tests for elm, things like top_widget and getting child objects
can be done easily.
* New Elm documentation images with the new default theme.
* Images missing in the documentation:
- datetime
- video