Elementary: Fix a couple of issues in edje external examples.

Include the source file too. It would be best to get rid of the binary
edje file and automate compiling/cleaning it.
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Kai Huuhko 2013-11-11 06:32:08 +02:00
parent 012b89076d
commit 738a377a78
4 changed files with 1035 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ Elementary
single argument, not args, kwargs. The callback signatures need to be
changed as well.
* Get rid of enums in __init__.py
* Automate compilation of the example edje files.
* New documentation images with the new default theme.
* Images missing in the documentation:

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@ -38,17 +38,18 @@ def edje_external_button_clicked(obj, item=None):
def animate(ly):
val = ly.edje_get().part_external_object_get("ext_pbar1").value
val = ly.edje.part_external_object_get("ext_pbar1").value
val += 0.0123
for part_name in ["ext_pbar1", "ext_pbar3", "ext_pbar4", "ext_pbar6"]:
ly.edje_get().part_external_object_get(part_name).value = val
ly.edje.part_external_object_get(part_name).value = val
if val < 1:
Timer(0.1, animate, ly)
for part_name in ["ext_pbar2", "ext_pbar5", "ext_pbar7"]:
ly.edje.part_external_object_get(part_name).pulse_mode = False
for part_name in ["ext_button1", "ext_button2", "ext_button3"]:
ly.edje_get().part_external_object_get(part_name).disabled = False
@ -58,7 +59,8 @@ def cb_btn3_clicked(bt, ly):
ly.edje.part_external_object_get("ext_pbar1").value = 0.0
for part_name in ["ext_pbar2", "ext_pbar5", "ext_pbar7"]:
ly.edje.part_external_object_get(part_name).pulse_mode = True
for part_name in ["ext_button1", "ext_button2", "ext_button3"]:
ly.edje_get().part_external_object_get(part_name).disabled = True