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@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ Tips
Release process instructions
* Announce at enlightenment-release@lists.sourceforge.net that you are planning
* Announce at release@lists.enlightenment.org that you are planning
for the release
* Change versions in efl/__init__.py (ex: 1.9.0)
* Update the ChangeLog file:
@ -67,14 +67,14 @@ Release process instructions
* Test the generated tarballs
* scp tarballs & md5sums to:
* Announce at enlightenment-release@lists.sourceforge.net that tarballs are
* Announce at release@lists.enlightenment.org that tarballs are
ready for testing
... wait 24 hours, fix any issues found. In the mean time you can prepare the
release announcement for phame/ml.
* ssh to download.enlightenment.org and mv tarballs & md5sums to:
* Upload the .tar.gz archive to pypi:
- first upload the PKG-INFO file from the "edit" section on pypi
- then upload the tarball from the "files" section
@ -82,10 +82,12 @@ Release process instructions
git tag -a v1.9.0 && git push origin v1.9.0
* Create and push the branch for stable backporting
git branch python-efl-1.9 && git push origin python-efl-1.9
* scp the generated html documentation to:
and update the 'current' link on the server (ssh)
* Update download and docs link on the website wiki
* Publish the blog post on phame (Official Announcements)
* Announce the release to release@lists.enlightenment.org
(an alias for e-announce etc.)
* Update download link on website (clone website/www.git, edit, commit, push)
* Change versions again in efl/__init__.py (ex: 1.9.99)
more info at: