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Davide Andreoli 2d2bbb1977 Initial work on erigo support in pyefl.
This will be developed in a separate branch and it will be ready for the 1.14 release.

The generator implemented here is on-the-fly, it does not generate the python code,
but actually generate the real interface from the json file on runtime.

The work is really at a good point yet, just need to fix/implement some
little more.

Test included
2015-01-22 20:43:51 +01:00
Davide Andreoli d4572bf26a Keep track of installed files by py version
Now you can install/uninstall using more than one python versions
2015-01-20 01:58:57 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 4a533f73df New command: test
This command run all the available unit test, will be used also in jenkins
2015-01-20 01:35:27 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 129c801aea Nother try to make cython happy on jenkins 2015-01-17 21:03:45 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 9cee723e44 Use LooseVersion (instead of pkg-config) to check required version.
This again to try fixing the build on jenkins
2015-01-17 20:29:09 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 85b27c161e Autodetect ecore x 2015-01-06 23:13:14 +01:00
Davide Andreoli f9e8906724 Use new cython cpdef-enums in evas
cpdef enums are automatically exported to C and
to python, no more need for the enums file and
the duplicated definition for py.

This is a cython 0.21 feature so from now on you will
need at least that version.

Require some <int> cast here and there, but a totally
win in the end.
2015-01-04 20:44:45 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 625503bf11 Provide the uninstall command for python-efl itself 2015-01-04 16:00:15 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 6d2e2e9d8e Reworked CleanGenerated, more verbose now 2015-01-04 13:45:42 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 0873394260 disable ecore_x by default 2015-01-04 13:15:29 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 863efc19eb Move ecore_x out of the ecore extension
Now ecore do not more looks like an alien with his __init__
hack and his different module/package structure

This broke ecore.x users as the extension is now efl.ecore_x

Sorry to bother but I still think that ecore_x should not be
implemented in python, if this hurt you please let me know
2015-01-04 12:47:40 +01:00
Davide Andreoli bb8deff060 Revert "Try to fix a weired error we are getting on Jenkins"
This reverts commit 01105db325.

not needed, did not helped with the jenkins build :(
2015-01-02 14:39:39 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 01105db325 Try to fix a weired error we are getting on Jenkins
I cannot reproduce the error in any way here, so just blindly try this
2015-01-02 14:14:08 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 08170d1fd4 Disable evas.SmartObject to workaround Cython brakage.
SmartObject do work fully in real, thay probably need a full rewrite,
so this should not harm at all.

Also disabled tests and examples
2015-01-02 13:25:44 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 1a3fa101e1 Changed the way we check and enable Cython usage
* Cython is disable by default in dist tarballs (checking if Makefile exists)
* Cython is enabled by default in git version
* Only blacklist Cython in py3 (it is broken only there)
* Now respect two env vars: DISABLE_CYTHON or ENABLE_CYTHON
* Always use LooseVersion for checking Cython version
2015-01-02 12:26:33 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 03f2f286e2 no need to use cython build_ext
Seems to me that cythonize() is doing the same work, need some testing
2015-01-02 10:29:27 +01:00
Davide Andreoli c4bbbcf3dc Another cython version to blacklist :( 2015-01-02 10:15:20 +01:00
Davide Andreoli c0f2f5b379 be more verbose about python and cython versions 2015-01-02 01:09:40 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 379aef8950 cleanups: indentation 2015-01-01 22:08:09 +01:00
Davide Andreoli fd1167e8cc cleanup: use 2 lists for ext_modules and py_modules 2015-01-01 21:38:11 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 6fe657d979 Added new efl.utils.setup pure python module
This module contain some distutils commands that can be used
by apps in the script
2015-01-01 21:19:10 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 19ecb703a5 more metadata for pypi 2014-12-21 12:58:23 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 709bb23cd3 Also clean ethumb files in CleanGenerated command 2014-12-21 12:47:25 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 1c6b3ac0c3 Updated metadata and other stuff for pypi compliance.
From now on you can ownload and install the bindings using pypi:
pip install python-efl

The 1.12.0 release is uploaded yet
2014-12-21 12:43:56 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 7ca64616ae do not fail when sphinx is not found 2014-11-22 15:56:47 +01:00
Davide Andreoli 90cead3b12 Cython 0.21.1 is broken for py3, blacklisted.
more info at:
2014-11-02 12:23:22 +01:00
Kai Huuhko cf358655c0 Fix check for Cython when building from git source 2014-09-10 20:04:18 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 4a337ccc10 Add dummy commit count for dev build if git is not found 2014-08-18 07:58:36 +03:00
Kai Huuhko a1140f9641 add missing ecore-x include dir for elm 2014-08-16 16:50:06 +03:00
Davide Andreoli c7ae54df15 Add version info in the efl package.
Also removed the logger import in efl, not usefull and only create problems
2014-08-16 14:11:06 +02:00
Kai Huuhko 72a9c8ac2d Remove pre-1.8 Python bindings' compatibility packages 2014-05-31 12:18:32 +03:00
Kai Huuhko fcbba66f25 Bump versions for 1.11 development 2014-05-31 12:07:00 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 0c258e323b Bump versions and compile changelog for release 2014-05-29 02:25:45 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 240f3a2c21 Make ecore.x an optional component 2014-05-13 22:03:54 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 922a2ae893 Change USE_CYTHON env var to DISABLE_CYTHON
Compiling from Cython source is now the default and disabled
when not installed
2014-05-13 22:02:34 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 1466ea7207 efl.ecore: Return of ecore.x (from python-ecore)
Made some corrections to make it compile and fixed doc formatting.
2014-05-13 17:59:48 +03:00
Kai Huuhko d98cd27107 efl.ecore: Transform into a package
The old module renamed to which gets
automatically used for the package namespace when there is an empty included.
2014-05-13 15:12:38 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 63f69a4039 Add git commit count to dev build version string 2014-05-13 15:12:38 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 927320a247 Add env variable USE_CYTHON for compilation from pyx sources
pyx source files are now used only when USE_CYTHON is set to 1 or the
C source files have not yet been pre-compiled.

Only efl.eo.c is checked for this so if you cancel an initial build make
sure to enable USE_CYTHON when re-starting the build.

The pyx sources will now be included in the source tarball.
2014-04-30 19:14:02 +03:00
Kai Huuhko fdfa113926 pep-8 cleanup 2014-04-29 12:20:33 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 339b87ab87 Fall back to a relaxed check for Cython version
If StrictVersion doesn't understand the version string we
fall back to LooseVersion. This should work with version strings
such as 0.20.1post0
2014-04-18 01:43:18 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 6ebdf2b607 Bring back Python bindings for Ethumb. 2014-04-11 18:12:49 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 62e13d7c5c Make the gcc include paths unique.
Build logs compacted considerably.
2014-04-09 18:25:48 +03:00
Kai Huuhko ab778fc86b Disable automatic string encoding 2014-04-07 00:44:19 +03:00
Davide Andreoli b84c109fef doc: automatically show parameters in functions and methods documentation
This require the Cython "embedsignature" directive, that automatically add the signature in the first line of the docstring.
Then the Sphinx Autodoc module parse the docstring and extract the signature.

Signature is also cleaned using the 'autodoc-process-signature' callback to remove the 'self' param and all the cython params type,
2014-04-06 16:17:27 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 2d17403250 removed the conditional compilation of packages.
All the stuff is now required, this avoid half/broken installation of the bindings and simplify setup logic.
2014-04-06 12:52:52 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 4661bc4d6f no need to set cython directives for each module 2014-04-06 12:24:34 +02:00
Kai Huuhko 75c8351fdf Enable automatic conversion of strings 2014-04-06 01:31:13 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 73e63ec7e3 Update information in README etc. and bump the series in
We're at series 1.10 development, that goes in VERSION, with no releases
in this series out yet, denoted by 1.9.99 in RELEASE
2014-04-05 06:35:32 +03:00
Kai Huuhko 1149c6ed91 Bump Cython version requirement for future development.
This is required for const (added in 0.18) and automatic string
conversion (added in 0.19).
2014-04-04 17:57:50 +03:00