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Davide Andreoli b3eef73b0e s/2013/2014/g 2014-04-14 22:21:03 +02:00
Davide Andreoli 74244a5ac7 Python-EFL: fix the mess with the lgpl version.
Elm was lgpl3, COPYING was lgpl3, docs say lgpl3. So fix everything to be v3.
Also fix the COPING for Lesser: we must include gpl (in COPYING) AND lgpl (in COPYING.LESSER).
2013-12-07 17:54:58 +01:00
Kai Huuhko e557b2fcb4 Eo: Add several methods, tests and more debug logging.
 - parent_set/get
 - event_freeze(_get)/thaw
 - delete

 - event_global_freeze(_get)/thaw

Moved enums to efl.eo.enums.pxd
2013-11-09 09:05:44 +02:00