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* EdjeEdit: PartState API does not work
* Elm.Map: overlays_show segfaults, scrollers in examples are jumpy
* Genlist: "filter,done" event is sometimes fired before filter callbacks are done (see the test)
Failing unit tests
* tests.edje.test_04_edit: testPartEffect (marked as known failure)
* tests.edje.test_04_edit: testGroupDel (skipped, segfault)
* tests.edje.test_04_edit: testExternal (skipped, TODO)
* update links and text on:
(requires shell account?)
* Review the internal functions and name them consistently
* edje: complete the unit tests
* Initial Evas GL support (for Elm)
* Add more documentation for callbacks, events, etc.
* Check for missing Eo type mappings
* Automate compilation of the example edje files.
* Add more examples
* Prefs (only supports simple types, not so great for us)
* GLView
* Unit tests
* Images missing in the documentation:
- datetime
- systray
- video
- web
- window ?