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# Korean translations for terminology package
# terminology 패키지에 대한 한국어 번역문.
# Copyright (C) 2014 Terminology development team
# This file is distributed under the same license as the terminology package.
# huchi <wonguk.jeong@samsung.com>, 2014.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: terminology 0.6.99\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: enlightenment-devel@lists.sourceforge.net\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-10-05 14:40+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-09-04 11:10+0900\n"
"Last-Translator: maeryo <pu8046@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Korean\n"
"Language: ko\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
#: src/bin/controls.c:247
msgid "Controls"
msgstr "제어판"
#: src/bin/controls.c:263
msgid "New"
msgstr "새 터미널"
#: src/bin/controls.c:269
msgid "Split V"
msgstr "수직 분할"
#: src/bin/controls.c:271
msgid "Split H"
msgstr "수평 분할"
#: src/bin/controls.c:277
msgid "Miniview"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/controls.c:287 src/bin/termio.c:947
msgid "Copy"
msgstr "복사"
#: src/bin/controls.c:293
msgid "Paste"
msgstr "붙여넣기"
#: src/bin/controls.c:299
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "설정"
#: src/bin/controls.c:305
msgid "About"
msgstr "정보"
#: src/bin/controls.c:315
#, fuzzy
msgid "Close Terminal"
msgstr "탭 닫기"
#: src/bin/about.c:56
#, c-format
msgid ""
"<b>Terminology %s</b><br>Why should terminals be boring?<br><br>This "
"terminal was written for Enlightenment, to use EFL and otherwise push the "
"boundaries of what a modern terminal emulator should be. We hope you enjoy "
"it.<br><br>Copyright © 2012-%d by:<br><br>%s<br><br>Distributed under the 2-"
"clause BSD license detailed below:<br><br>%s"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/app_server.c:345
msgid "There is no window open"
msgstr "열려있는 창이 없습니다."
#: src/bin/keyin.c:545
9 years ago
msgid "Scrolling"
msgstr "스크롤링"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:546
9 years ago
msgid "Scroll one page up"
msgstr "한 페이지 위로 스크롤"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:547
9 years ago
msgid "Scroll one page down"
msgstr "한 페이지 아래로 스크롤"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:548
9 years ago
msgid "Scroll one line up"
msgstr "한 줄 위로 스크롤"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:549
9 years ago
msgid "Scroll one line down"
msgstr "한 줄 아래로 스크롤"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:551
9 years ago
msgid "Copy/Paste"
msgstr "복사/붙여넣기"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:552
9 years ago
msgid "Copy selection to Primary buffer"
msgstr "현재 선택된 부분을 전면 버퍼에 복사"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:553
9 years ago
msgid "Copy selection to Clipboard buffer"
msgstr "현재 선택된 부분을 클립보드에 복사"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:554
9 years ago
msgid "Paste Primary buffer (highlight)"
msgstr "전면 버퍼 (강조) 붙여넣기"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:555
9 years ago
msgid "Paste Clipboard buffer (ctrl+c/v)"
msgstr "클립보드 내용 붙여넣기 (ctrl+v/c)"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:557
9 years ago
msgid "Splits/Tabs"
msgstr "분할/탭"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:558
9 years ago
msgid "Focus to the previous terminal"
msgstr "이전 터미널 활성화"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:559
9 years ago
msgid "Focus to the next terminal"
msgstr "다음 터미널 활성화"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:560
9 years ago
msgid "Split horizontally (new below)"
msgstr "수평 분할 (하단에 새 창)"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:561
9 years ago
msgid "Split vertically (new on right)"
msgstr "수직 분할 (우측에 새 창)"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:562
9 years ago
msgid "Create a new \"tab\""
msgstr "새 터미널 탭"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:563
msgid "Close the focused terminal"
msgstr "탭 닫기"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:564
9 years ago
msgid "Bring up \"tab\" switcher"
msgstr "탭 스위치 보이기"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:565
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 1"
msgstr "1번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:566
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 2"
msgstr "2번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:567
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 3"
msgstr "3번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:568
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 4"
msgstr "4번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:569
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 5"
msgstr "5번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:570
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 6"
msgstr "6번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:571
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 7"
msgstr "7번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:572
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 8"
msgstr "8번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:573
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 9"
msgstr "9번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:574
9 years ago
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 10"
msgstr "10번 탭 터미널로 전환"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:576
9 years ago
msgid "Font size"
msgstr "글꼴 크기"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:577
9 years ago
msgid "Font size up 1"
msgstr "글꼴 크기 1 증가"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:578
9 years ago
msgid "Font size down 1"
msgstr "글꼴 크기 1 감소"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:579
msgid "Display big font size"
msgstr "글꼴 크게 출력"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:580
9 years ago
msgid "Reset font size"
msgstr "글꼴 크기 초기화"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:582
9 years ago
msgid "Actions"
msgstr "동작"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:583
9 years ago
msgid "Display the history miniview"
msgstr "미니뷰 출력"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/keyin.c:584
9 years ago
msgid "Display the command box"
msgstr "명령 상자 출력"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/main.c:2351
msgid "Couldn't find terminology theme! Forgot 'make install'?"
msgstr "터미놀로지의 테마를 찾을 수 없습니다!"
#: src/bin/main.c:2773
#, c-format
msgid "(C) 2012-%d Carsten Haitzler and others"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2775
msgid "Terminal emulator written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2783
msgid "Command to execute. Defaults to $SHELL (or passwd shell or /bin/sh)"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2785
msgid "Change to directory for execution of terminal command."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2787
msgid "Use the named edje theme or path to theme file."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2789
msgid "Use the named file as a background wallpaper."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2791
msgid "Terminal geometry to use (eg 80x24 or 80x24+50+20 etc.)."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2793
msgid "Set window name."
msgstr "창 이름 설정"
#: src/bin/main.c:2795
msgid "Set window role."
msgstr "창 역할 설정"
#: src/bin/main.c:2797
msgid "Set window title."
msgstr "창 제목 설정"
#: src/bin/main.c:2799
msgid "Set icon name."
msgstr "아이콘 이름 설정"
#: src/bin/main.c:2801
msgid "Set font (NAME/SIZE for scalable, NAME for bitmap."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2803
9 years ago
msgid ""
"Split the terminal window. 'v' for vertical and 'h' for horizontal. Can be "
"used multiple times. eg -S vhvv or --split hv More description available on "
"the man page."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2808
msgid "Set emotion module to use."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2811
msgid "Run the shell as a login shell."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2813
msgid "Set mute mode for video playback."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2815
msgid "Set cursor blink mode."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2817
msgid "Set visual bell mode."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2819
msgid "Go into the fullscreen mode from the start."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2821
msgid "Go into an iconic state from the start."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2823
msgid "Become a borderless managed window."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2825
msgid "Become an override-redirect window."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2827
msgid "Become maximized from the start."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2829
msgid "Terminology is run without a window manager."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2831
msgid "Do not exit when the command process exits."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2833
msgid "Force single executable if multi-instance is enabled."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2835
msgid "Set TERM to 'xterm-256color' instead of 'xterm'."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2837
msgid "Highlight links."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2866
msgid "show program version."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2869
msgid "show copyright."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2872
msgid "show license."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2875
msgid "show this message."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:2991 src/bin/miniview.c:38
#, c-format
msgid "Could not create logging domain '%s'."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:3001
9 years ago
msgid "Could not initialize key bindings."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:3013
msgid "Could not parse command line options."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:3028
#, c-format
msgid "option %s requires an argument!"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:3029
msgid "invalid options found. See --help."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/main.c:3349
9 years ago
msgid "invalid argument found for option -S/--split. See --help."
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/media.c:726
#, c-format
msgid "Could not Initialize the emotion module '%s'"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/media.c:1314
9 years ago
msgid "Media visualizing is not supported"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:204
9 years ago
#, c-format
msgid "%'d lines"
msgstr "%'d 줄"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:305 src/bin/options.c:171
msgid "Behavior"
msgstr "동작"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:325
msgid "Scroll to bottom on new content"
msgstr "새 내용이 있으면 바닥으로 스크롤"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:335
msgid "Scroll to bottom when a key is pressed"
msgstr "키를 입력하면 바닥으로 스크롤"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:345
msgid "React to key presses"
msgstr "키 입력에 반응"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:355
msgid "Cursor blinking"
msgstr "커서 깜박이기"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:365
msgid "Visual Bell"
msgstr "경고 시각 효과"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:375
msgid "Bell rings"
msgstr "벨 울리기"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:385
msgid "Urgent Bell"
msgstr "긴급 벨"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:395
msgid "Active Links"
msgstr "링크 활성화"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:420
msgid "Multiple instances, one process"
msgstr "한 프로세스로 다중 인스턴스 처리"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:430
msgid "Set TERM to xterm-256color"
msgstr "xterm-256color로 TERM 설정"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:440
msgid "BackArrow sends Del (instead of BackSpace)"
msgstr "왼쪽 화살표로 백스페이스 기능 대체"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:450
msgid "Drag & drop links"
msgstr "링크 끌어다 놓기 활성화"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:460
msgid "Start as login shell"
msgstr "로그인 쉘로 시작"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:470
msgid "Focus split under the Mouse"
msgstr "마우스 아래 창 활성화"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:480
msgid "Always open at size:"
msgstr "항상 아래 크기로 열기:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:490
msgid "Width:"
msgstr "너비:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:510
msgid "Height:"
msgstr "높이:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:537
msgid "Scrollback:"
msgstr "스크롤백:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:571
msgid "Tab zoom/switch animation time:"
msgstr "탭 확대 / 스위치 움직임 시간:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:572
msgid ""
"Set the time of the animation that<br>takes places on tab switches,<br>be "
"them by key binding, mouse<br>wheel or tabs panel mouse move"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:585 src/bin/options_behavior.c:586
9 years ago
#, c-format
msgid "%1.1f s"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options.c:137
msgid "Options"
msgstr "옵션"
#: src/bin/options.c:166 src/bin/options_font.c:355
msgid "Font"
msgstr "글꼴"
#: src/bin/options.c:167 src/bin/options_theme.c:112
msgid "Theme"
msgstr "테마"
#: src/bin/options.c:168
msgid "Wallpaper"
msgstr "배경"
#: src/bin/options.c:169 src/bin/options_video.c:75
msgid "Video"
msgstr "비디오"
#: src/bin/options.c:170 src/bin/options_colors.c:160
msgid "Colors"
msgstr "색상"
#: src/bin/options.c:172
msgid "Keys"
msgstr "단축키"
#: src/bin/options.c:173 src/bin/options_helpers.c:177
msgid "Helpers"
msgstr "헬퍼"
#: src/bin/options.c:174
msgid "Toolkit"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options.c:185
msgid "Temporary"
msgstr "임시"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:13
msgid "Default"
msgstr "기본값"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:14
msgid "Black"
msgstr "검정색"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:15
msgid "Red"
msgstr "빨강색"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:16
msgid "Green"
msgstr "초록색"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:17
msgid "Yellow"
msgstr "노랑색"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:18
msgid "Blue"
msgstr "파랑색"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:19
msgid "Magenta"
msgstr "자홍색"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:20
msgid "Cyan"
msgstr "청록색"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:21
msgid "White"
msgstr "하얀색"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:22
msgid "Inverse"
msgstr ""
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:23
msgid "Inverse Base"
msgstr ""
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:188
msgid "Normal"
msgstr "기본 색상"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:189
msgid "Bright"
msgstr "밝은 색상"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:190
msgid "Normal 2"
msgstr "기본 색상 2"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:191
msgid "Bright 2"
msgstr "밝은 색상 2"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:263
msgid "Use"
msgstr "사용"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:273
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "재설정"
#: src/bin/options_font.c:420
msgid "Bitmap"
msgstr "비트맵"
#: src/bin/options_font.c:460
msgid "Standard"
msgstr "일반"
#: src/bin/options_helpers.c:190
msgid "Inline if possible"
msgstr "인라인 가능한 경우"
#: src/bin/options_helpers.c:220
msgid "E-mail:"
msgstr "이메일:"
#: src/bin/options_helpers.c:253
msgid "URL (Images):"
msgstr "URL(이미지):"
#: src/bin/options_helpers.c:278
msgid "URL (Video):"
msgstr "URL (비디오):"
#: src/bin/options_helpers.c:303
msgid "URL (All):"
msgstr "URL (전체):"
#: src/bin/options_helpers.c:336
msgid "Local (Images):"
msgstr "로컬 (이미지):"
#: src/bin/options_helpers.c:361
msgid "Local (Video):"
msgstr "로컬 (비디오):"
#: src/bin/options_helpers.c:386
msgid "Local (All):"
msgstr "로컬 (전체):"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:52
9 years ago
msgid "Ctrl+"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:53
9 years ago
msgid "Alt+"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:54
9 years ago
msgid "Shift+"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:55
msgid "Win+"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:64
9 years ago
msgid "Delete"
msgstr ""
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:252
9 years ago
msgid "Please press key sequence"
msgstr "단축키를 지정하세요."
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:354
9 years ago
msgid "Key Bindings"
msgstr "단축키"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_video.c:88
msgid "Translucent"
msgstr "투명도"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_video.c:99 src/bin/options_video.c:100
#, c-format
msgid "%1.0f%%"
msgstr ""
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_video.c:119
msgid "Audio muted"
msgstr "음소거"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_video.c:132
msgid "Audio visualized"
msgstr "음향 시각화"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_video.c:149
msgid "Video Engine:"
msgstr "비디오 엔진:"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_video.c:156
msgid "Automatic"
msgstr "자동"
9 years ago
#: src/bin/options_wallpaper.c:99
msgid "None"
msgstr "배경 없음"
9 years ago