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Meson is the build system used for this project. For more information please
Normal compilation in /usr/local:
meson . build
ninja -C build
sudo ninja -C build install
For meson build generic options:
meson --help
For a list of project specific options supported:
cat meson_options.txt
To set 1 or more project specific options:
meson --prefix=/path/to -Doption=value [-Dother=value2] [...] . build
To display current configuration:
meson configure build
The above will only work after at least the following is done:
meson . build
How clean out the build and config and start fresh:
rm -rf build
How to make a dist tarball and check its build:
(must do it from git tree clone and commit all changes to git first)
ninja -C build dist
How to change prefix:
meson --prefix=/path/to/prefix . build
How to install in a specific destination directory for packaging:
DESTDIR=/path/to/destdir ninja -C build install
How to build with verbose output (full commands run):
ninja -C build -v