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#ifndef _SB_H__
#define _SB_H__
#include <stddef.h>
struct ty_sb {
char *buf;
size_t gap;
size_t len;
size_t alloc;
int ty_sb_add(struct ty_sb *sb, const char *s, size_t len);
#define TY_SB_ADD(_SB, _S) ty_sb_add(_SB, _S, strlen(_S))
void ty_sb_spaces_rtrim(struct ty_sb *sb);
void ty_sb_spaces_ltrim(struct ty_sb *sb);
int ty_sb_prepend(struct ty_sb *sb, const char *s, size_t len);
#define TY_SB_PREPEND(_SB, _S) ty_sb_prepend(_SB, _S, strlen(_S))
char *ty_sb_steal_buf(struct ty_sb *sb);
void ty_sb_lskip(struct ty_sb *sb, size_t len);
void ty_sb_rskip(struct ty_sb *sb, size_t len);
void ty_sb_free(struct ty_sb *sb);
#define sbstartswith(SB, ConstRef) \
(((SB)->len >= sizeof(ConstRef) -1) \
&& (!strncmp((SB)->buf, ConstRef, sizeof(ConstRef) - 1)))