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Eina_Bool _termpty_is_dblwidth_slow_get(Termpty *ty, int g);
static inline Eina_Bool
_termpty_is_dblwidth_get(Termpty *ty, int g)
// check for east asian full-width (F), half-width (H), wide (W),
// narrow (Na) or ambiguous (A) codepoints
// ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/UNIDATA/EastAsianWidth.txt
// optimize for latin1 non-ambiguous
if (g <= 0xa0)
return EINA_FALSE;
// (F)
if ((g == 0x3000) ||
((g >= 0xff01) && (g <= 0xff60)) ||
((g >= 0xffe0) && (g <= 0xffe6)))
return EINA_TRUE;
return _termpty_is_dblwidth_slow_get(ty, g);
return EINA_FALSE;