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#ifndef _CONFIG_H__
#define _CONFIG_H__ 1
typedef struct _Config Config;
/* TODO: separate config per terminal (tab, window) and global. */
struct _Config
int version;
struct {
const char *name;
const char *orig_name; /* not in EET */
int size;
int orig_size; /* not in EET */
unsigned char bitmap;
unsigned char orig_bitmap; /* not in EET */
} font;
struct {
const char *email;
struct {
const char *general;
const char *video;
const char *image;
} url, local;
Eina_Bool inline_please;
} helper;
const char *theme;
const char *background;
const char *wordsep;
int scrollback;
double tab_zoom;
int vidmod;
Eina_Bool jump_on_keypress;
Eina_Bool jump_on_change;
Eina_Bool flicker_on_key;
Eina_Bool disable_cursor_blink;
Eina_Bool disable_visual_bell;
Eina_Bool translucent;
Eina_Bool mute;
Eina_Bool urg_bell;
Eina_Bool multi_instance;
Eina_Bool custom_geometry;
Eina_Bool drag_links;
int cg_width;
int cg_height;
Eina_Bool temporary; /* not in EET */
const char *config_key; /* not in EET, the key that config was loaded */
void config_init(void);
void config_shutdown(void);
void config_sync(const Config *config_src, Config *config);
void config_save(Config *config, const char *key);
Config *config_load(const char *key);
Config *config_fork(Config *config);
void config_del(Config *config);
const char *config_theme_path_get(const Config *config);
const char *config_theme_path_default_get(const Config *config);