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@ -6,8 +6,6 @@ make it a first-class terminal:
[ ] vt100-compatibility: pass all of tests!
[ ] general input mode handling improvements (keypad, other key
input, etc.)
[ ] apparently there are problems with mutt, screen and tmux? vim
mousewheel scroll suport doesnt work
[ ] tyls code is just horrible. fix it.
[ ] better info in tyls -m
[ ] need help screen/page/info with keybindings
@ -17,21 +15,13 @@ make it a first-class terminal:
[ ] selection of background "wallpapers" (and support them at all -
doesn't right now - should support regular images, animated gifs,
and edje files)
[ ] theme selector could be a whole lot better (decent large preview
maybe with cursor, selections and bell?)
[ ] scrollbar (elm scroller that mirrors the term smart size/position
- gives us fingerscroll - layer on top of term smart, stick
invisible rect inside to track for scrolling etc.)
[ ] selection off edge scrolls in that direction (as per selection
mode too if it gets NEAR an edge)
[ ] selection should have nice visible handles on the start/end so u can
drag and change its size once there (theme thing - red blinky
things now)
[ ] selection mode mirrors entry style for touch displays (handle
on_hold flags, etc.)
[ ] improve selection text extraction logic so its reliable (seems to
be a bug where we keep the newline etc. bit flags set when they should
be reset in the pty array)
[ ] fast text/regex searching similar to urxvt
[ ] search in terminal (and keep highlighting until search cleared)
[ ] logging of terminal to file