terminology - fix double click selection and jed display

this fixes breaks introduced by
e94051dd86 (the previous commit).

latest commit: e94051dd86

breaks 2 things.

1. double-click to select a "word" is broken. the right end of the selection is
stuck at the point where the cursor is, not the right end of the word. try it.
at least that is what i see. either way double-click to select a word is now
broken. ;(

2. what used to be black whitespace bg is now "empty" chars (so i see
terminology bg). this breaks jed output pretty badly.



not working:
This commit is contained in:
Carsten Haitzler 2015-02-03 14:45:23 +09:00
parent e94051dd86
commit 6268dc32e4
1 changed files with 3 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -631,11 +631,10 @@ termpty_cellrow_get(Termpty *ty, int y, int *wret)
if (y >= 0)
Termcell *cells;
if (y >= ty->h) return NULL;
cells = &(TERMPTY_SCREEN(ty, 0, y));
*wret = termpty_line_length(cells, ty->w);
return cells;
*wret = ty->w;
/* fprintf(stderr, "getting: %i (%i, %i)\n", y, ty->circular_offset, ty->h); */
return &(TERMPTY_SCREEN(ty, 0, y));
if ((y < -ty->backmax) || !ty->back) return NULL;
tssrc = &(ty->back[(ty->backmax + ty->backpos + y) % ty->backmax]);