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@ -2,8 +2,6 @@ here's a short list of things i think we can do in the short to medium term to
make it a first-class terminal:
[ ] blink and blink2 attributes need to be supported
[ ] dnd text (to/from terminal)
[ ] dnd file uri's too as text etc.
[ ] general input mode handling improvements (keypad, other key
input, etc.)
[ ] selection of background "wallpapers" (and support them at all -
@ -27,26 +25,41 @@ make it a first-class terminal:
content (if text) with or without escaping
[ ] helpers when executed need to escape path/uri in command buffer
[ ] media - improve position slider to track ucr position as u play
[ ] improve look of meida controls
[ ] improve look of meida controls (youtube like better with mouse move show)
[ ] media controls for music files need to be compact for music
[ ] make media controls an api where controls are provided by the media
object owner so they can be custom placed/swallowed/handled better
[ ] media controls need to have zoom controls for all formats
[ ] media controls need next/prev page controls for paged media (ps/pdf)
[ ] add better handling of music files (with just playbar+vol, no image)
[ ] allow queueing of media (eg music playlist)
[ ] display queue of media visually
[ ] add escapes for displaying media
[ ] add option for cjk double width mode
[ ] apparently there are problems with mutt, screen and tmux? vim
mousewheel scroll suport doesnt work
[ ] possible evas font problem with proggy fonts: http://www.proggyfonts.com/
[ ] alt+return doesn't copt current selection to input line.
[ ] alt+return doesn't copy current selection to input line.
[ ] ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shift+v should do copy & paste
[ ] tab sel needs decent edje styling with spacing and shadows around items
[ ] tab sel needs to display term title and track changes
[ ] tab sel needs to display alert/bell state and display it
[ ] termio needs a bg mode for invisible tabs (until sel view is up)
[ ] termio needs a visible but not selected mode (for media volume?)
[ ] tab sel needs to use temio bg/visible modes
[ ] main term needs to track title in its struct and win title needs
to show it when we switch focus to that term
[ ] need an edje bg/overlay/swallow around sel that is put in the pane or
terminology main swallow for styling and bg.
[ ] need mouse control for sel object (autoscroll based on position)
[ ] need mouseover top of term to go into sel mode
[ ] need to track bell on bg terms and indicate a bg term wants attention
things in future to make it totally kick-butt:
[ ] maybe want a new sel width that slides/fades in on mouseover on top
that lists miniature thumbs like current sel does but in a linear
way along the top
[ ] reflow text on resize
[ ] "tabs" (multiple terminals inside a window) with a nice selector
that looks like e17's wallpaper2 selector a bit :)
[ ] track child process stats like cwd etc. and when launching a new
"tab" or shell use the last child process cwd to put the shell
@ -57,8 +70,6 @@ things in future to make it totally kick-butt:
send results of these stats to theme with messages much like
cpufreq, battery etc. do in e17 so theme can display as bars,
dials or anything it likes (text, led's etc. too).
[ ] tiling layout within 1 window to lay out multiple terms in a
flexible split/merge column/row grid setup
[ ] remember tile layouts and be able to restore them and at least as
much of child processes as the term can manage reasonably reliably
[ ] split it out into a library - maybe just as part of elementary and
@ -67,12 +78,3 @@ things in future to make it totally kick-butt:
uses the terminal widget as if it were stdin/out but just as
loopback within the app (ie don't exec process - just create pty
and offer read/write to/from it)
[ ] start supporting some of the crazy escape codes that let you
inline images into terminals or just create our own extensions and
then start making replacement "std command" wrappers/replacements
that are prepended to $PATH that can do the right thing when u do
"ls" - i see a list of files and if some are images or documents -
u see thumbnails too. if u cat a jpeg.. u see it. if u cat a url
or html file.. up comes an inline web browser, provide nicer
visual "progessbars" and modified tools like wget that use these
escapes etc. all of these are handled by the media object