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@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ static const int vt100_to_unicode[62] =
// v->13 v->14 v->15 v->16 v->17 v->18 v->19
// r=SL-T4 s=SL-T5 t=SL-VR u=SL-VL v=SL-HU w=Sl-HD x=SL-VT
0x23bc, 0x23bd, 0x251c, 0x2524, 0x2534, 0x252c, 0x2502,
// v->1a v->1b b->1c v->1d v->1e v->1f
// v->1a v->1b b->1c v->1d v->1e/a3 v->1f
0x2264, 0x2265, 0x03c0, 0x2260, 0x00a3, 0x00b7