add ctrl+shift+ins for pasting primary and add info to READMe about

mouse/kbd controls.

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@ -27,9 +27,25 @@ Once you have met requirements, compiling and installing is simple:
make install
Note: to make accented chars with deadkeys work, you need to use an
input method handler. Right now only XIM works, so try this before you
run terminology:
Note: to make terminology work with input methods in general you need:
export ECORE_IMF_MODULE="xim"
export XMODIFIERS="@im=none"
Special key controls:
Shift+PgUp = Scroll 1 page up
Shift+PgDn = Scroll 1 page down
Shift+Insert = Paste Clipboard (ctrl+v/c) selection
Shift+Ctrl+Insert = Paste Primary (hilight) selection
Shift+Keypad-Plus = Font size up 1
Shift+Keypad-Minus = Font size down 1
Shift+Keypad-Multiply = Reset font size to 10
Shift+Keypad-Divide = Copy highlight to Clipboard (same as ctrl+c in gui apps)
Mouse controls:
Right mouse button = controls menu
Middle mouse button = paste highlight selection
Left mouse button/drag = make highlight
Wheel = scroll up or down in history

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@ -505,7 +505,10 @@ _smart_cb_key_down(void *data, Evas *e __UNUSED__, Evas_Object *obj __UNUSED__,
EINA_LIST_FREE(sd->seq, str) eina_stringshare_del(str);
sd->composing = EINA_FALSE;
_paste_selection(data, ELM_SEL_TYPE_CLIPBOARD);
if (evas_key_modifier_is_set(ev->modifiers, "Control"))
_paste_selection(data, ELM_SEL_TYPE_PRIMARY);
_paste_selection(data, ELM_SEL_TYPE_CLIPBOARD);
goto end;
else if (!strcmp(ev->keyname, "KP_Add"))