7 Commits (6ea42c38ae74e28638dedd4c77988f5d373d562d)

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Alex-P. Natsios af5531f8dd autotools: add clean target for man/Makefile.in 10 years ago
Jerome Pinot b1942dee88 terminology: fix typos in man page 10 years ago
Boris Faure 1619b744f3 update man page 10 years ago
Boris Faure 68133d2614 add -2/--256color option to set TERM to xterm-256color 10 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 229b92f72f ctrl+0,1,2,3...9 for tab switching. 11 years ago
Godfath3r 5010b5fa0c update man to document alt+num shortcuts 11 years ago
Godfath3r cf532f60bf Terminology: add man page for terminology. 11 years ago