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Leif Middelschulte e1de7a8521 Add base16/ocean/dark theme 9 years ago
images [terminology] Fix make dist 9 years ago
sounds and add sounds dir to makefiles so we can dist. 10 years ago
Makefile.am Add base16/ocean/dark theme 9 years ago
base16_ocean_dark.edc Add base16/ocean/dark theme 9 years ago
black.edc black: make visual bell overlay more visible. 10 years ago
default.edc Fix - Only one action can be specified per program. 9 years ago
default_colors.in.edc 256 colorcube - follow the standards that need a set of custom colors 9 years ago
mild.edc unify default colors, fix make dependencies and mustang build. 9 years ago
mustang.edc lets reduce the theme color strings in size since there are so many - memory 9 years ago
solarized.edc solarized - fix build to actually be solarized as it was. 9 years ago
solarized_light.edc theme - move solarized to 2 edc files that #include default 9 years ago