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Very small test framework for Terminology


Avoid regressions in Terminology's code that parse and interprets escape codes.


  • tytest, compiled with -D tests=true when running meson
  • a posix shell


tytest is a simple binary that takes escape codes in input and output an md5 sum. This checksum is computed on the state of terminology after parsing and interpreting those escape codes.

Test cases

Test cases are simple shell scripts that output escape codes.

How to run the tests

A shell script called run_tests.sh is provided to run all the tests given in a test results file. See run_tests.sh --help for more information.

Test results file

When running a test through tytest, an md5 sum is computed. This checksum is stored with the name of the test in a file called tests.results. If terminology's behaviour changed, then the checksum will change. This will be noticed by run_tests.sh and will show those tests as failed.