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Boris Faure 85208bd7fe tools: add colors.sh 4 years ago
256color.pl update 256color.pl to show more background/foreground colors 9 years ago
UTF-8-test.txt add utf-8 test file 10 years ago
banner.sh add tools/banner.sh to help debug miniview 10 years ago
colors.sh tools: add colors.sh 4 years ago
fonts.sh support encircled escape code. Closes T6769 6 years ago
gen_tty_keys.sh generate tty_keys.h from xterm itself 9 years ago
pacman.sh pacman.sh: remove unused variable 5 years ago
party.pl Party time! be able to set foreground color 9 years ago
scroll.sh tools/scroll.sh: make that $ disappear, that's no variable :D 5 years ago