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#define _TERM_CONTAINER_H__ 1
typedef struct _Term_Container Term_Container;
typedef struct _Term Term;
typedef struct _Win Win;
typedef struct _Sizeinfo Sizeinfo;
struct _Sizeinfo
int min_w;
int min_h;
int step_x;
int step_y;
int req_w;
int req_h;
int bg_min_w;
int bg_min_h;
int req;
typedef enum _Term_Container_Type
} Term_Container_Type;
struct _Term_Container {
Term_Container_Type type;
Term_Container *parent;
Win *wn;
Evas_Object *selector_img;
Eina_Bool is_focused;
const char *title;
Term *(*term_next)(Term_Container *tc, Term_Container *child);
Term *(*term_prev)(Term_Container *tc, Term_Container *child);
Term *(*term_first)(Term_Container *tc);
Term *(*term_last)(Term_Container *tc);
Term *(*focused_term_get)(Term_Container *tc);
Evas_Object* (*get_evas_object)(Term_Container *container);
Term *(*find_term_at_coords)(Term_Container *container,
Evas_Coord mx, Evas_Coord my);
void (*split)(Term_Container *tc, Term_Container *child,
Term *from, const char *cmd, Eina_Bool is_horizontal);
void (*size_eval)(Term_Container *container, Sizeinfo *info);
void (*swallow)(Term_Container *container, Term_Container *orig,
Term_Container *new_child);
void (*focus)(Term_Container *tc, Term_Container *relative);
void (*unfocus)(Term_Container *tc, Term_Container *relative);
void (*set_title)(Term_Container *tc, Term_Container *child, const char *title);
void (*bell)(Term_Container *tc, Term_Container *child);
void (*close)(Term_Container *container, Term_Container *child);
void (*update)(Term_Container *tc);