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# This file is put in the public domain.
# Durver Eriksson <dyrver.eriksson@gmail.com>, 2021, 2022.
# Luna Jernberg <droidbittin@gmail.com>, 2022.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: terminology\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2022-12-01 19:19+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2022-10-26 19:04+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Luna Jernberg <droidbittin@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Swedish <https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/terminology/"
"Language: sv\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;\n"
"X-Generator: Weblate 4.14.2-dev\n"
#: src/bin/about.c:129 src/bin/about.c:204 src/bin/termio.c:1307
#: src/bin/termio.c:1316
#, c-format
msgid "Copy '%s'"
msgstr "Kopiera '%s'"
#: src/bin/about.c:134 src/bin/about.c:209 src/bin/termio.c:1378
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Öppna"
#: src/bin/about.c:273
msgid "Twitter: @_Terminology_"
msgstr "Twitter: @_Terminology_"
#: src/bin/about.c:275
msgid "YouTube channel"
msgstr "YouTube kanal"
#: src/bin/about.c:289
#, c-format
msgid ""
"<b>Terminology %s</b><br>Why should terminals be boring?<br><br>This "
"terminal was written for Enlightenment, to use EFL and otherwise push the "
"boundaries of what a modern terminal emulator should be. We hope you enjoy "
"it.<br><br>Copyright © 2012-%d by:<br><br>%s<br><br>Distributed under the 2-"
"clause BSD license detailed below:<br><br>%s"
msgstr ""
"<b>Terminology %s</b><br>Varför ska en terminal behöva vara tråkig?"
"<br><br>Denna terminal var skapad för Enlightenment, använder EFL och "
"övervägande förflyttar gränserna för hur en modern terminal emulator ska "
"vara. Vi hoppas du tycker om den.<br><br>Copyright © 2012-%d av:<br><br>"
"%s<br><br>Distributerad under en 2-clause BSD licens detaljerad nedanför."
#: src/bin/colors.c:17
msgid "Terminology's developers"
msgstr "Terminology's programmerare"
#: src/bin/controls.c:371
msgid "Controls"
msgstr "Kontroller"
#: src/bin/controls.c:387
msgid "New"
msgstr "Ny"
#: src/bin/controls.c:395
msgid "Split V"
msgstr "Splittra V"
#: src/bin/controls.c:399
msgid "Split H"
msgstr "Splittra H"
#: src/bin/controls.c:406
msgid "Miniview"
msgstr "Minivy"
#: src/bin/controls.c:413 src/bin/win.c:6205
msgid "Set title"
msgstr "Sätt titel"
#: src/bin/controls.c:424 src/bin/termio.c:1392 src/bin/termio.c:2802
msgid "Copy"
msgstr "Kopiera"
#: src/bin/controls.c:430
msgid "Paste"
msgstr "Klistra"
#: src/bin/controls.c:436
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Inställningar"
#: src/bin/controls.c:442
msgid "About"
msgstr "Om"
#: src/bin/controls.c:451
msgid "Grouped input"
msgstr "Grupperad inmatning"
#: src/bin/controls.c:463
msgid "Close Terminal"
msgstr "Stäng Terminal"
#: src/bin/gravatar.c:121 src/bin/main.c:898 src/bin/miniview.c:41
#, c-format
msgid "Could not create logging domain '%s'"
msgstr "Kunde inte skapa log domän '%s'"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:658
msgid "Scrolling"
msgstr "Rullning"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:659
msgid "Scroll one page up"
msgstr "Rulla en sida upp"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:660
msgid "Scroll one page down"
msgstr "Rulla en sida ned"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:661
msgid "Scroll one line up"
msgstr "Rulla en rad upp"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:662
msgid "Scroll one line down"
msgstr "Rulla en rad ned"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:663
msgid "Go to the top of the backlog"
msgstr "Gå till början av bakåtlog"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:664
msgid "Reset scroll"
msgstr "Återställ rullning"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:666
msgid "Copy/Paste"
msgstr "Klippa/Klistra"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:667
msgid "Copy selection to Primary buffer"
msgstr "Kopiera markering till primär buffert"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:668
msgid "Copy selection to Clipboard buffer"
msgstr "Kopiera markering till klippbord"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:669
msgid "Paste Primary buffer (highlight)"
msgstr "Klistra primär buffert (markerad)"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:670
msgid "Paste Clipboard buffer (ctrl+c/v)"
msgstr "Klistra från klippbord (ctrl+c/v)"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:672
msgid "Splits/Tabs"
msgstr "Splittring/Flikar"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:673
msgid "Focus the previous terminal"
msgstr "Fokusera föregående terminal"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:674
msgid "Focus the next terminal"
msgstr "Fokusera nästa terminal"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:675
msgid "Focus the terminal above"
msgstr "Fokusera terminal ovanför"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:676
msgid "Focus the terminal below"
msgstr "Fokusera terminal nedanför"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:677
msgid "Focus the terminal on the left"
msgstr "Fokusera terminal till vänster"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:678
msgid "Focus the terminal on the right"
msgstr "Fokusera terminal till höger"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:679
msgid "Split horizontally (new below)"
msgstr "Splittra horisontellt (ny nedanför)"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:680
msgid "Split vertically (new on right)"
msgstr "Splittra vertikalt (ny till höger)"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:681
msgid "Create a new \"tab\""
msgstr "Skapa en ny \"flik\""
#: src/bin/keyin.c:682
msgid "Close the focused terminal"
msgstr "Stäng fokuserad terminal"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:683
msgid "Bring up \"tab\" switcher"
msgstr "Visa \"flik\" växlare"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:684
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 1"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 1"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:685
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 2"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 2"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:686
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 3"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 3"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:687
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 4"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 4"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:688
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 5"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 5"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:689
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 6"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 6"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:690
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 7"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 7"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:691
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 8"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 8"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:692
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 9"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 9"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:693
msgid "Switch to terminal tab 10"
msgstr "Växla till terminal-flik 10"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:694
msgid "Change title"
msgstr "Ändra titel"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:695 src/bin/keyin.c:696
msgid "Toggle whether input goes to all visible terminals"
msgstr "Växla så inmatning går till alla synliga terminaler"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:699
msgid "Font size"
msgstr "Typsnittstorlek"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:700
msgid "Font size up 1"
msgstr "Öka typsnittstorlek 1"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:701
msgid "Font size down 1"
msgstr "Minska typsnittstorlek 1"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:702
msgid "Display big font size"
msgstr "Visa stor typsnittstorlek"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:703
msgid "Reset font size"
msgstr "Återställ typsnittstorlek"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:705
msgid "Actions"
msgstr "Åtgärder"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:706
msgid "Open a new terminal window"
msgstr "Öppna ett nytt terminalfönster"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:707
msgid "Toggle Fullscreen of the window"
msgstr "Fullskärmsläge på fönster"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:708
msgid "Display the history miniview"
msgstr "Visa historik i minivy"
#: src/bin/keyin.c:709
msgid "Display the command box"
msgstr "Visa kommandorad"
#: src/bin/main.c:406 src/bin/main.c:602
msgid "Could not create window"
msgstr "Kunde inte skapa fönster"
#: src/bin/main.c:425 src/bin/main.c:613
msgid "Could not create terminal widget"
msgstr "Kunde inte skapa terminal-widget"
#: src/bin/main.c:460
#, c-format
msgid "(C) 2012-%d Carsten Haitzler and others"
msgstr "(C) 2012-%d Carsten Haitzler och övriga"
#: src/bin/main.c:462
msgid "Terminal emulator written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries"
msgstr "Terminalemulator skriven med Enlightenment Foundation Libraries"
#: src/bin/main.c:466
msgid "Use the named file as a background wallpaper"
msgstr "Använd nämnd fil som backgrundsbild"
#: src/bin/main.c:468
msgid "Change to directory for execution of terminal command"
msgstr "Ändra till katalog för exekvering av terminalkommando"
#: src/bin/main.c:470
msgid "Command to execute. Defaults to $SHELL (or passwd shell or /bin/sh)"
msgstr ""
"Kommando att köra. Normalt $SHELL (alternativt passwd shell eller /bin/sh)"
#: src/bin/main.c:472
msgid "Use the named edje theme or path to theme file"
msgstr "Använd namngivet edje tema eller sökväg till tema-fil"
#: src/bin/main.c:474
msgid "Use the named color scheme"
msgstr "Använd namngivet färgschema"
#: src/bin/main.c:476
msgid "Terminal geometry to use (eg 80x24 or 80x24+50+20 etc.)"
msgstr "Terminalens geometri att använda (ex. 80x24 eller 80x24+50+20 osv.)"
#: src/bin/main.c:478
msgid "Set window name"
msgstr "Ställ in fönsternamn"
#: src/bin/main.c:480
msgid "Set window role"
msgstr "Ställ in fönsterroll"
#: src/bin/main.c:482
msgid "Set window title"
msgstr "Ställ in fönstertitel"
#: src/bin/main.c:484
msgid "Set icon name"
msgstr "Ställ in ikonnamn"
#: src/bin/main.c:486
msgid "Set font (NAME/SIZE for scalable, NAME for bitmap)"
msgstr "Ändra typsnitt (NAMN/STORLEK för skalbar, NAMN för bitmapp)"
#: src/bin/main.c:488
msgid ""
"Split the terminal window. 'v' for vertical and 'h' for horizontal. Can be "
"used multiple times. eg -S vhvv or --split hv More description available on "
"the man page"
msgstr ""
"Splittra terminalfönster. 'v' för vertikal och 'h' för horisontel. Kan "
"upprepas flera gånger. ex -S vhvv eller --split hv Mer beskrivning återfinns "
"i man sidorna"
#: src/bin/main.c:493
msgid "Run the shell as a login shell"
msgstr "Kör skal som inloggnings skal"
#: src/bin/main.c:495
msgid "Set mute mode for video playback"
msgstr "Tysta videoåterspelning"
#: src/bin/main.c:497
msgid "Set cursor blink mode"
msgstr "Ändra pekarens blinkläge"
#: src/bin/main.c:499
msgid "Set visual bell mode"
msgstr "Ändra visuellt alarmläge"
#: src/bin/main.c:501
msgid "Go into the fullscreen mode from the start"
msgstr "Starta i fullskärmsläge"
#: src/bin/main.c:503
msgid "Start iconified"
msgstr "Starta ikonifierad"
#: src/bin/main.c:505
msgid "Start borderless"
msgstr "Starta utan ram"
#: src/bin/main.c:507
msgid "Start as a override-redirect window"
msgstr "Starta som överskriden eftersänt fönster"
#: src/bin/main.c:509
msgid "Start maximized"
msgstr "Starta maximerad"
#: src/bin/main.c:511
msgid "Terminology is run without a window manager"
msgstr "Terminology körs utan fönsterhanterare"
#: src/bin/main.c:513
msgid "Do not exit when the command process exits"
msgstr "Stäng inte när kommandot slutförs"
#: src/bin/main.c:515
msgid "Force single executable if multi-instance is enabled"
msgstr "Tvinga enkel process även när multi-instans är aktiverad"
#: src/bin/main.c:517
msgid "Set TERM to 'xterm-256color' instead of 'xterm'"
msgstr "Ställ in TERM till 'xterm-256color' istället för 'xterm'"
#: src/bin/main.c:519
msgid "Set scaling factor"
msgstr "Ställ in skalningsläge"
#: src/bin/main.c:521
msgid "Highlight links"
msgstr "Lys upp länkar"
#: src/bin/main.c:523
msgid "Do not display wizard on start up"
msgstr "Visa inte installationsguide vid uppstart"
#: src/bin/main.c:549
msgid "show program version"
msgstr "visa programversion"
#: src/bin/main.c:552
msgid "show copyright"
msgstr "visa upphovsrätt"
#: src/bin/main.c:555
msgid "show license"
msgstr "visa licenser"
#: src/bin/main.c:558
msgid "show this message"
msgstr "visa detta meddelande"
#: src/bin/main.c:655
msgid "invalid argument found for option -S/--split. See --help"
msgstr "Ogiltigt argument för -S/--split. Se --help"
#: src/bin/main.c:909
msgid "Could not initialize key bindings"
msgstr "Kunde inte initialisera knappkombinationer"
#: src/bin/main.c:924
msgid "Could not parse command line options"
msgstr "Kunde inte läsa in kommandoradstillval"
#: src/bin/main.c:948
#, c-format
msgid "option %s requires an argument!"
msgstr "alternativ %s behöver en instruktion!"
#: src/bin/main.c:949
msgid "invalid options found. See --help"
msgstr "ogiltiga alternativ funna. Se --help"
#: src/bin/media.c:1337 src/bin/termpty.c:649 src/bin/termpty.c:654
#: src/bin/termpty.c:658
#, c-format
msgid "Function %s failed: %s"
msgstr "Funktion %s misslyckades: %s"
#: src/bin/media.c:1434
msgid "Media visualizing is not supported"
msgstr "Media-visualisering stöds ej"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:136
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ingen"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:468
msgid "Source file is target file"
msgstr "Källfil är länkfil"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:481
msgid "Picture imported"
msgstr "Bild importerad"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:486
msgid "Failed"
msgstr "Misslyckades"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:538 src/bin/options.c:221
msgid "Background"
msgstr "Bakgrund"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:554
msgid "Translucent"
msgstr "Genomskinlig"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:565
msgid "Opacity:"
msgstr "Opacitet:"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:573 src/bin/options_background.c:574
#, c-format
msgid "%1.0f%%"
msgstr "%1.0f%%"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:592
msgid "Select Path"
msgstr "Välj sökväg"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:598
msgid "System"
msgstr "System"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:601
msgid "User"
msgstr "Användare"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:604
msgid "Other"
msgstr "Övrig"
#: src/bin/options_background.c:646
msgid "Click on a picture to use it as background"
msgstr "Klicka på en bild att använda som bakgrund"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:63
#, c-format
msgid "%'d lines"
msgstr "%'d rader"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:79
#, c-format
msgid "Scrollback (current memory usage: %'.2f%cB):"
msgstr "Rullningsåtergång (nuvarande minnesanvändning: %'.2f%cB):"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:217
msgid "Default cursor:"
msgstr "Standardpekare:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:226
msgid "Blinking Block"
msgstr "Blinkande block"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:245
msgid "Steady Block"
msgstr "Stadigt Block"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:265
msgid "Blinking Underline"
msgstr "Blinkande Underlinje"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:285
msgid "Steady Underline"
msgstr "Stadig Underlinje"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:305
msgid "Blinking Bar"
msgstr "Blinkande Ribba"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:325
msgid "Steady Bar"
msgstr "Stadig Ribba"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:365 src/bin/options.c:217
msgid "Behavior"
msgstr "Beteende"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:385
msgid "Show tabs"
msgstr "Visa flikar"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:388
msgid "Scroll to bottom on new content"
msgstr "Rulla till botten vid nytt innehåll"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:389
msgid "Scroll to bottom when a key is pressed"
msgstr "Rulla till botten när en tangent trycks ned"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:395
msgid "React to key presses (typing sounds and animations)"
msgstr "Reagera på knapptryckningar (tangentljud och animationer)"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:402
msgid "Audio Support for key presses <failure>DISABLED</failure>!"
msgstr "Ljudstöd för tangentnedtryckning <failure>AVAKTIVERAD</failure>!"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:406
msgid "Visual Bell"
msgstr "Visuellt Alarm"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:407
msgid "Bell rings"
msgstr "Alarmljud"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:408
msgid "Urgent Bell"
msgstr "Brådskande Alarm"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:410
msgid "Multiple instances, one process"
msgstr "Multipla instanser, en process"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:411
msgid "Set TERM to xterm-256color"
msgstr "Ställ in TERM till xterm-256color"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:412
msgid "BackArrow sends Del (instead of BackSpace)"
msgstr "Backstegstangent sänder Del (istället för Backsteg)"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:413
msgid "Start as login shell"
msgstr "Starta som login skall"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:414
msgid "Open new terminals in current working directory"
msgstr "Öppna ny terminal i nuvarande arbetskatalog"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:415
msgid "Always show miniview"
msgstr "Visa alltid minivyn"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:416
msgid "Enable special Terminology escape codes"
msgstr "Aktivera flyktkoder speciellt inbyggda för Terminology"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:417
msgid "Treat Emojis as double-width characters"
msgstr "Emojis hanteras som dubbel-vidd karaktärer"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:418
msgid ""
"When grouping input, do it on all terminals and not just the visible ones"
msgstr ""
"När inmatning grupperas, gör det på alla terminaler inte enbart synliga"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:425
msgid "Always open at size:"
msgstr "Öppna alltid med storlek:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:435
msgid "Set Current:"
msgstr "Nuvarande Storlek:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:446
msgid "Width:"
msgstr "Vidd:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:468
msgid "Height:"
msgstr "Höjd:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:527
msgid ""
"Set the time of the animation that<br>takes places during tab switches,"
"<br>be those done due to key bindings or <br>mouse wheel over the tabs panel"
msgstr ""
"Ställ in tidlängden för animationer<br>som händer under flikväxling,<br>vare "
"sig dom sker under knappåtgärder<br>eller mushjulet över flikpanel"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:532
msgid "Tab zoom/switch animation time:"
msgstr "Flik zoom/växling animationens tidsåtgång:"
#: src/bin/options_behavior.c:540 src/bin/options_behavior.c:541
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:186 src/bin/options_mouse.c:187
#, c-format
msgid "%1.1f s"
msgstr "%1.1f s"
#: src/bin/options.c:189
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Alternativ"
#: src/bin/options.c:218 src/bin/options_mouse.c:147
msgid "Mouse"
msgstr "Mus"
#: src/bin/options.c:219 src/bin/options_font.c:499
msgid "Font"
msgstr "Typsnitt"
#: src/bin/options.c:220 src/bin/options_theme.c:168
msgid "Theme"
msgstr "Tema"
#: src/bin/options.c:222
msgid "Colors"
msgstr "Färger"
#: src/bin/options.c:223
msgid "Keys"
msgstr "Tangenter"
#: src/bin/options.c:224 src/bin/options_elm.c:109
msgid "Toolkit"
msgstr "Ramverk"
#: src/bin/options.c:235
msgid "Temporary"
msgstr "Temporärt"
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:99
msgid "Open website"
msgstr "Öppna webbsida"
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:131
#, c-format
msgid "<b>Author: </b>%s<br/><b>Website: </b>%s<br/><b>License: </b>%s"
msgstr "<b>Skapare: </b>%s<br/><b>Webbsida: </b>%s<br/><b>Licens: </b>%s"
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:226
msgid "Color schemes"
msgstr "Färgscheman"
#: src/bin/options_colors.c:265
#, c-format
msgid "Using theme <hilight>%s</hilight>"
msgstr "Använder tema <hilight>%s</hilight>"
#: src/bin/options_elm.c:122
#, c-format
msgid ""
"<em>Terminology</em> uses the <hilight>elementary</hilight> toolkit.<br>The "
"toolkit configuration settings can be accessed by running <keyword>%s</"
msgstr ""
"<em>Terminology</em> använder <hilight>elementary</hilight> som ramverk."
"<br>Ramverkets inställningar kan kommas åt genom att köra <keyword>%s</"
#: src/bin/options_elm.c:134
#, c-format
msgid "Launch %s"
msgstr "Kör %s"
#: src/bin/options_elm.c:150 src/bin/win.c:383 src/bin/win.c:403
msgid "Scale"
msgstr "Skala"
#: src/bin/options_elm.c:172 src/bin/win.c:432
msgid "Select preferred size so that this text is readable"
msgstr "Välj storlek tills denna text är läsbar"
#: src/bin/options_elm.c:180
msgid ""
"The scale configuration can also be changed through <hilight>elementary</"
"hilight>'s configuration panel"
msgstr ""
"Skalning kan ändras genom <hilight>elementary</hilight>'s inställningspanel"
#: src/bin/options_font.c:550
msgid "Search font"
msgstr "Sök typsnitt"
#: src/bin/options_font.c:578
msgid "Bitmap"
msgstr "Bitmapp"
#: src/bin/options_font.c:619
msgid "Standard"
msgstr "Standard"
#: src/bin/options_font.c:681
msgid "Display bold and italic in the terminal"
msgstr "Visa fet och kursiv i terminalen"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:66
msgid "Ctrl+"
msgstr "Ctrl+"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:67
msgid "Alt+"
msgstr "Alt+"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:68
msgid "Shift+"
msgstr "Skift+"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:69
msgid "Win+"
msgstr "Win+"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:70
msgid "Meta+"
msgstr "Meta+"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:71
msgid "Hyper+"
msgstr "Hyper+"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:82
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Delete"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:270
msgid "Please press key sequence"
msgstr "Var god tryck tangentsekvens"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:386
msgid "Key Bindings"
msgstr "Knappkombinationer"
#: src/bin/options_keys.c:458
msgid "Reset bindings"
msgstr "Återställ kombinationer"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:167
msgid "Focus split under the Mouse"
msgstr "Fokusera splittring under Musen"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:168
msgid "Focus-related visuals"
msgstr "Fokuserings-relaterade effekter"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:174
msgid "Auto hide the mouse cursor when idle:"
msgstr "Dölj automatiskt pekaren när oanvänd:"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:204
msgid "Active Links:"
msgstr "Aktiva Länkar:"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:208
msgid "On emails"
msgstr "På epost"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:209
msgid "On file paths"
msgstr "På sökvägar"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:210
msgid "On URLs"
msgstr "På URLs"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:211
msgid "On colors"
msgstr "På färger"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:212
msgid "Based on escape codes"
msgstr "Baserat på flyktkoder"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:213
msgid "Gravatar integration"
msgstr "Gravatar integrering"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:215
msgid "Drag & drop links"
msgstr "Dra & släpp länkar"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:221
msgid "Inline if possible"
msgstr "Arrangera om möjligt"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:265
msgid "E-mail:"
msgstr "E-post:"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:269
msgid "URL (Images):"
msgstr "URL (bilder):"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:270
msgid "URL (Video):"
msgstr "URL (Video):"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:271
msgid "URL (All):"
msgstr "URL (Alla):"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:274
msgid "Local (Images):"
msgstr "Lokalt (bilder):"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:275
msgid "Local (Video):"
msgstr "Lokalt (Video):"
#: src/bin/options_mouse.c:276
msgid "Local (All):"
msgstr "Lokalt (Alla):"
#: src/bin/options_theme.c:187
#, c-format
msgid "Using colorscheme <hilight>%s</hilight>"
msgstr "Använder färgschema <hilight>%s</hilight>"
#: src/bin/termcmd.c:84
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown font command: %s"
msgstr "Okänt typsnittskommando: %s"
#: src/bin/termcmd.c:118
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown grid size command: %s"
msgstr "Okänt storlekskommando för rutnät: %s"
#: src/bin/termcmd.c:146
#, c-format
msgid "Background file could not be read: %s"
msgstr "Bakgrundsfil kunde inte läsas: %s"
#: src/bin/termcmd.c:175
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown command: %s"
msgstr "Okänt kommando: %s"
#: src/bin/termio.c:467
#, c-format
msgid "Could not get working directory of pid %i: %s"
msgstr "Kunde inte hitta arbetskatalog för pid %i: %s"
#: src/bin/termio.c:482
#, c-format
msgid "Could not load working directory %s: %s"
msgstr "Kunde inte ladda arbetskatalog %s: %s"
#: src/bin/termio.c:1215
#, c-format
msgid "unsupported selection format '%s'"
msgstr "markeringsformat stöds ej '%s'"
#: src/bin/termio.c:1375
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Förslagsvy"
#: src/bin/termio.c:1385
msgid "Copy relative path"
msgstr "Kopiera relativ sökväg"
#: src/bin/termio.c:1387
msgid "Copy full path"
msgstr "Kopiera hel sökväg"
#: src/bin/termio.c:2804
msgid "Open as URL"
msgstr "Öppna som URL"
#: src/bin/termio.c:4247
msgid "Could not allocate termpty"
msgstr "Kunde inte hitta termpty"
#: src/bin/termpty.c:99 src/bin/termpty.c:141 src/bin/termpty.c:188
#, c-format
msgid "memerr: %s"
msgstr "minnesfel: %s"
#: src/bin/termpty.c:225
#, c-format
msgid "Size set ioctl failed: %s"
msgstr "Storleksval ioctl misslyckades: %s"
#: src/bin/termpty.c:361
#, c-format
msgid "Could not write to file descriptor %d: %s"
msgstr "Kunde inte skriva till fil beskrivning %d: %s"
#: src/bin/termpty.c:618
#, c-format
msgid "Could not find shell, falling back to %s"
msgstr "Kunde inte hitta skall, använder istället %s"
#: src/bin/termpty.c:665
#, c-format
msgid "open() of pty '%s' failed: %s"
msgstr "open() av pty '%s' misslyckades: %s"
#: src/bin/termpty.c:672 src/bin/termpty.c:678
#, c-format
msgid "fcntl() on pty '%s' failed: %s"
msgstr "fcntl() av pty '%s' misslyckades: %s"
#: src/bin/termpty.c:687
#, c-format
msgid "ioctl() on pty '%s' failed: %s"
msgstr "ioctl() av pty '%s' misslyckades: %s"
#: src/bin/termpty.c:728 src/bin/termpty.c:736 src/bin/termpty.c:745
#, c-format
msgid "Could not change current directory to '%s': %s"
msgstr "Kunde inte ändra nuvarande katalog till '%s': %s"
#: src/bin/theme.c:91
#, c-format
msgid "Could not load any theme for group=%s: %s"
msgstr "Kunde inte ladda tema för grupp=%s: %s"
#: src/bin/win.c:424
msgid "Done"
msgstr "Färdig"
#: src/bin/win.c:440
msgid ""
"The scale configuration can be changed in the Settings (right click on the "
"terminal) → Toolkit, or by starting the command <keyword>elementary_config</"
msgstr ""
"Skalans inställningar kan ändras i Inställningar (högerklicka på terminal) "
"→ Ramverk, eller genom att köra <keyword>elementary_config</keyword>"
#: src/bin/win.c:2334
msgid "Ecore IMF failed"
msgstr "Ecore IMF misslyckades"
#: src/bin/win.c:6209
msgid "Ok"
msgstr "Ok"
#: src/bin/win.c:6214
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Avbryt"
#: src/bin/win.c:7412
msgid "Couldn't find terminology theme! Forgot 'ninja install'?"
msgstr "Kunde inte hitta terminology tema! Glömde 'ninja install'?"
#~ msgid "Shine:"
#~ msgstr "Lyster:"
#~ msgid "React to key presses"
#~ msgstr "Reagera på tangentnedtryckningar"