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Kim Woelders 6c1fbaaedd Fix some clang-analyzer complaints 3 months ago
config bindings.cfg: Add bindings for pinning 6 months ago
docs Update docs/e16.asc (desktops.names) 6 months ago
dox edox: Don't try rendering text outside edox window 10 months ago
eesh autofoo: Deal a bit more consistently with C[PP]FLAGS and LDADD 2 years ago
epp epp: Fix potential compiler warning 8 months ago
fonts Add normal/bold.ttf as links to default fonts. 14 years ago
icons Move misc/e16.png to icons/. 13 years ago
lib Avoid using "delete" 1 year ago
m4 Fix C++ build 8 months ago
misc Cleanups in .desktop file generation 2 years ago
pix Update the restart cursor, which looked a bit dated. 5 years ago
po French translation update (Philippe J. Guillaumie) 6 months ago
sample-scripts Behave properly when pagers have borders 8 months ago
scripts Menu and bindings cleanups 6 months ago
src Fix some clang-analyzer complaints 3 months ago
themes Update winter theme 7 months ago
.gitignore Simplify 4 years ago Indent profile - Drop -bad for now as it does silly things 3 years ago
AUTHORS Fix Globally Active focus mode. 10 years ago
COMPLIANCE Update COMPLIANCE 10 months ago
COPYING Update Copyright in COPYING 4 years ago
ChangeLog 1.0.25 6 months ago
ChangeLog.old Trim ChangeLog (move <= v1.0.0 to ChangeLog.old), new format 2 years ago Add ChangeLog generation script 2 years ago Fix version reported by e16 in release build 2 years ago Add -n as alternative to NOCONFIGURE 3 years ago autofoo: Drop pkg_revision some more 5 months ago Spec file: Add git tag to rpm file name (if built from git checkout) 3 years ago