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# NOTE! Don't add files that are generated in specific
# subdirectories here. Add them in the ".gitignore" file
# in that subdirectory instead.
# NOTE! Please use 'git ls-files -i --exclude-standard'
# command after changing this file, to see if there are
# any tracked files which get ignored after the change.
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2015-11-18 04:40:33 -08:00
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2019-02-22 04:07:48 -08:00
eolian_cxx: Add protected methods and events to C++ wrappers and fixes Using eina::string_view in eolian generated interfaces (instead of std::string) to allow lightweight passing of both C strings and C++ std::string. Also, No longer using eina::optional in generated headers for types that already implements the concept of null state (like Eo wrappers and eina_accessor). Also fix allocating callback objects require by class methods (i.e. static) in static vectors so the memory will be freed when the programs exit. Added a new test case for testing callbacks on class methods. Moved method definitions and supplementary code from generated C++ wrappers to auxiliary header file (.eo.impl.hh) generated together with the main ".eo.hh" file. Updated Makefiles to list such files in the compilation and cleanup processes. Updated .gitignore to include these new generated files. Made general adjustments on the documentation of generated C++ wrappers Added "PREDEFINED" preprocessor macro definition in the Doxyfile.in in order to make some adjustments for better documentation in the C++ generated headers. Excluding generation of documentation for classes in the "eo_cxx" namespace (the namespace for "abstract" eolian C++ wrappers). Now generating the documentation for the events too. Hiding some auxiliary code from being documented. Some aesthetic adjustments for generated white space. Generate documentation for the main constructor of C++ wrappers and added auxiliary grammars to list parameters names.
2015-01-12 06:00:59 -08:00
2014-10-06 05:39:53 -07:00
2014-12-11 18:46:36 -08:00
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2014-09-02 07:40:20 -07:00
2016-07-19 18:43:09 -07:00
ecore_con - move libproxy to a slave binary with stdin/out msging so here's the ugly problem. libproxy. yes. we've discussed memory usage (e.g. it may have to execute javascript and pull in lots of deps etc.) but we dlopene'd on the fly. ok... but this didn't solve another issue i hit: libproxy was causing enlightenment to abort(). some internal bit of libproxy was raising a c++ exception. this wasn't caught. this causes an abort(). takes down your entire desktop. FANTASTIC. this is bad. i wouldnt' expect a library we depend on to be THIS anti-social but libproxy seemingly is. it SHOULd catch its error sand just propagate back to us so we can handle gracefully. there reall is no way around this - isolate libproxy. it's even worse that libproxy can load arbitrary modules that come from anywhere sho who knows what issues this can cause. isolation is the best solution i can think of. so this makes an elf+net_proxy_helper we spawn the first time we need a proxy lookup. we re-use that binary again and again until it exits (it should exit after 10 seconds of being idle with no requests coming in/pending). it'll respawn again later if needed. this involves now the efl net threads having to marshall back to mainloop to do the spawn and to write to the proxy process (reading is done by async exe data events and the data is passed down a thread queue to the waitng efl net thread). if the exe dies with pending requests unanswered then it's respawned again and the req's are re-sent to it... just in case. it has a limit on how often it'll respawn quickly. this seems to work in my limited testing. this ALSO now isolates memory usage of libproxy to another slave process AND this process will die taking its memory with it once it's been idle for long enough. that;s also another good solution to keeping libproxy impact at bay.
2017-01-08 05:57:54 -08:00
#wayland generated protocol - some legacy headers will be ignored
2017-12-05 17:20:58 -08:00
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