build: Seprate same svg extension loaders between image and vector.

Currently, vector and image support svg format via different rountine.
Our vector loader implemenst on its own drawing mechanism for svg,
but in case of image loader, it depends on rsvg library.

By Comparing both, our vector svg is winner at performance wise.
we can remove rsvg routine later.

For now, these two loader names are conflicted, we should separate their names
with svg and rsvg.
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Hermet Park 2019-08-06 20:47:07 +09:00
parent 97510fc571
commit ee25c66eff
4 changed files with 3 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -201,8 +201,8 @@ option('evas-modules',
type : 'array',
description : 'List of modular image loaders to disable in efl',
choices : ['gst', 'pdf', 'ps', 'raw', 'svg', 'xcf', 'bmp', 'dds', 'eet', 'generic', 'gif', 'ico', 'jp2k', 'jpeg', 'pmaps', 'png', 'psd', 'tga', 'tgv', 'tiff', 'wbmp', 'webp', 'xpm', 'json'],
description : 'List of modular image/vector loaders to disable in efl',
choices : ['gst', 'pdf', 'ps', 'raw', 'svg', 'rsvg', 'xcf', 'bmp', 'dds', 'eet', 'generic', 'gif', 'ico', 'jp2k', 'jpeg', 'pmaps', 'png', 'psd', 'tga', 'tgv', 'tiff', 'wbmp', 'webp', 'xpm', 'json'],
value : ['webp', 'json']

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@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
generic_loaders = ['gst', 'pdf',
generic_src = []