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Christopher Michael 8e4b798c51 efl/mailmap: Move unused addresses to the bottom of list 2020-03-24 16:57:35 -04:00
Christopher Michael bdf4e55edf Revert "efl/mailmap: Remove old unused addresses"
Revert these in favor of reorder so we can keep history

This reverts commit 94a8080355.
2020-03-24 16:52:29 -04:00
Christopher Michael 94a8080355 efl/mailmap: Remove old unused addresses 2020-03-24 16:20:02 -04:00
Stefan Schmidt 793cdbfa71 mailmap: update commit name and email cleanup file
Keep this up to date and get more matches working. Also merge in change
from Terminology copy. This allows better statistics on our git repo.

Reviewed-by: Chris Michael <>
Differential Revision:
2019-12-10 15:06:45 +01:00
Simon Lees (SUSE) 773aad7932 Sync mailmap 2016-09-13 15:12:58 +09:30
Stefan Schmidt a17cef99fd mailmap: update mailmap file now that we have all libs merged
Trying to unify the authors a bit here. And yes, Chris wins the price for the
ridiculous amount of variations he uses.
2016-08-04 12:45:43 +02:00
Chris Michael ea8686d776 efl: Update mailmap addresses
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2016-02-02 15:01:58 -05:00
Boris Faure 0945939cfa update mailmap 2015-09-05 13:56:01 +02:00
Daniel Kolesa 24033fa486 mailmap: update q66 2015-04-16 14:23:04 +01:00
Boris Faure 7757b40249 synchronize mailmap 2014-10-05 15:00:18 +02:00
Kai Huuhko 03881bbdd5 mailmap: add my work alias 2014-09-15 14:47:38 +03:00
Daniel Juyung Seo ed510ffb05 mailmap: added Wonguk Jeong's information. 2014-07-17 22:15:50 +09:00
Daniel Kolesa 9a6ee60ef1 mailmap: add myself 2014-07-16 12:49:17 +01:00
Daniel Juyung Seo c683e16dc4 mailmap: keep in sync with elementary and enlightenment's mailmaps. 2014-07-16 20:39:56 +09:00
Jean-Philippe Andre bf7579ebe6 mailmap: Add myself and unify my email addresses
I didn't set up my personal laptop with my work email :)
2014-03-12 14:08:01 +09:00
Boris Faure 5e8156c646 update .mailmap 2014-03-08 15:38:10 +01:00
Mike Blumenkrantz b77b5effbe mailmap myself 2013-12-19 18:22:23 -05:00
Boris Faure ef8e2c84ae update .mailmap 2013-12-07 17:25:27 +01:00
Boris Faure 8ef5166433 update .mailmap 2013-12-07 17:11:56 +01:00
Stefan Schmidt f8092db957 mailmap: Add two more entries for Mike and Sebastian
Also fix some trailing whitespaces in the same commit. Breaking atomic commits here.
2013-11-18 16:32:23 +01:00
Stefan Schmidt 76b0e7f10c mailmaip: Add .mailmap file to fixup various git author entries.
This is an attempt to unify the various spellings and email addresses people
use in the git author line. This simple matching rules clean these up and show
them as one single author. Which in turn makes statistics with e.g. git
shortlog much nicer.

I only fixed these up for the top 50 committer in efl. If your entry is missing
or wrong feel free to add or change it. This changes alone brings down the
unique author count to 275 from 311.
2013-09-13 13:58:00 +01:00