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* @page elementary_main Elementary
* @image html elementary.png
* @version @VMAJ@.@VMIN@.@VMIC@
* @date 2008-2014
* @section elm_intro What is Elementary?
* This is a VERY SIMPLE toolkit. It is not meant for writing extensive desktop
* applications (yet). Small simple ones with simple needs.
* It is meant to make the programmers work almost brainlessly but give them lots
* of flexibility.
* @li @ref Elm_Start - Go here to quickly get started with writing Apps
* @section organization Organization
* One can divide Elementary into three main groups:
* @li @ref infralist - These are modules that deal with Elementary as a whole.
* @li @ref widgetslist - These are the widgets you'll compose your UI out of.
* @li @ref containerslist - These are the containers which hold the widgets.
* @section license License
* LGPL v2 (see COPYING in the base of Elementary's source). This applies to
* all files in the source tree.
* @section ack Acknowledgements
* There is a lot that goes into making a widget set, and they don't happen out of
* nothing. It's like trying to make everyone everywhere happy, regardless of age,
* gender, race or nationality - and that is really tough. So thanks to people and
* organizations behind this, as listed in the @ref authors page.