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set autoscale # scale axes automatically
unset log # remove any log-scaling
unset label # remove any previous labels
set xtic auto # set xtics automatically
set ytic auto # set ytics automatically
set logscale y
set terminal png size 1024,768
set output "output_Stringshare_2008-08-08_0001.png"
set title "Stringshare 2008-08-08_0001 (superfast vs djb2)"
set xlabel "tests"
set ylabel "time"
plot "" using 1:2 title 'stringshare-superfast' with line, \
"" using 1:2 title 'stringshare-djb2' with line
# "" using 1:(2*abs($5-$2)/(abs($5)+abs($2))) title "relative error" with line