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#ifndef ELM_WIDGET_H
#define ELM_WIDGET_H
* How to make your own widget? like this (where wname is your widget
* name (space) and wparentname is you widget's parent widget name
* (the base widget class if its a 'root' one).
* #include <Elementary.h>
* #include "elm_priv.h"
* static const char ELM_WNAME_SMART_NAME[] = "elm_wname";
* #define ELM_WNAME_DATA_GET(o, sd) \
* Elm_WName_Smart_Data * sd = evas_object_smart_data_get(o)
* #define ELM_WNAME_CHECK(obj) \
* if (!obj || !elm_widget_type_check((obj), ELM_WNAME_SMART_NAME, \
* __func__)) \
* return
* typedef struct _Elm_WName_Smart_Class
* {
* Elm_WParentName_Smart_Class base;
* } Elm_WName_Smart_Class;
* typedef struct _Elm_WName_Smart_Data Elm_WName_Smart_Data;
* struct _Elm_WName_Smart_Data
* {
* Elm_WParentName_Smart_Data base;
* Evas_Object *sub; // or any private data needed for an instance
* // add any other instance data here too
* };
* static const char SIG_CLICKED[] = "clicked";
* static const Evas_Smart_Cb_Description _smart_callbacks[] = {
* {SIG_CLICKED, ""},
* };
* (ELM_WNAME_SMART_NAME, _elm_wname, Elm_WName_Smart_Class,
* Elm_WParentName_Smart_Class, elm_wparentname_smart_class_get,
* _smart_callbacks);
* static Eina_Bool
* _elm_wname_smart_on_focus(Evas_Object *obj)
* {
* ELM_WNAME_DATA_GET(obj, sd);
* // handle focus going in and out - optional, but if you want to,
* // define this virtual function to handle it (e.g. to emit a
* // signal to an edje object)
* if (efl_ui_focus_object_focus_get(obj))
* {
* edje_object_signal_emit(sd->sub, "elm,action,focus", "elm");
* evas_object_focus_set(sd->sub, EINA_TRUE);
* }
* else
* {
* edje_object_signal_emit(sd->sub, "elm,action,unfocus", "elm");
* evas_object_focus_set(sd->sub, EINA_FALSE);
* }
* return EINA_TRUE;
* }
* static Eina_Bool
* _elm_wname_smart_theme(Evas_Object *obj)
* {
* ELM_WNAME_DATA_GET(obj, sd);
* if (!ELM_WIDGET_CLASS(_elm_wname_parent_sc)->theme(obj))
* return EINA_FALSE;
* // handle changes in theme/scale etc here. always call the
* // parent class's version, as even the base class implements it.
* elm_widget_theme_object_set(obj, sd->sub, "wname", "base",
* elm_widget_style_get(obj));
* return EINA_TRUE;
* }
* static Eina_Bool
* _elm_widget_smart_disable(Evas_Object *obj)
* {
* ELM_WNAME_DATA_GET(obj, sd);
* // optional, but handle if the widget gets disabled or not
* if (elm_widget_disabled_get(obj))
* edje_object_signal_emit(sd->sub, "elm,state,disabled", "elm");
* else
* edje_object_signal_emit(sd->sub, "elm,state,enabled", "elm");
* return EINA_TRUE;
* }
* static void
* _elm_wname_smart_add(Evas_Object *obj)
* {
* EVAS_SMART_DATA_ALLOC(obj, Elm_WName_Smart_Data);
* ELM_WIDGET_CLASS(_elm_wname_parent_sc)->base.add(obj);
* priv->sub = edje_object_add(evas_object_evas_get(obj));
* // just an example having an Edje object here. if it's really the case
* // you have a sub edje object as a resize object, consider inheriting
* // from @ref elm-layout-class.
* elm_widget_can_focus_set(obj, EINA_TRUE);
* // for this widget we will add 1 sub object that is an edje object
* priv->sub = edje_object_add(e);
* // set the theme. this follows a scheme for group name like this:
* // so here it will be:
* // "elm/wname/base/default"
* // changing style changes style name from default (all widgets start
* // with the default style) and element is for your widget internal
* // structure as you see fit
* elm_widget_theme_object_set
* (obj, priv->sub, "wname", "base", "default");
* // listen to a signal from the edje object to produce widget smart
* // callback (like click)
* edje_object_signal_callback_add
* (priv->sub, "elm,action,click", "", _clicked_signal_cb, obj);
* // set this sub object as the "resize object". widgets get 1 resize
* // object that is resized along with the object wrapper.
* elm_widget_resize_object_set(obj, priv->sub);
* }
* static void
* _elm_wname_smart_del(Evas_Object *obj)
* {
* ELM_WNAME_DATA_GET(obj, sd);
* // deleting 'virtual' function implementation - on deletion of
* // object delete object struct, etc.
* ELM_WIDGET_CLASS(_elm_wname_parent_sc)->base.del(obj);
* }
* static void
* _elm_wname_smart_set_user(Elm_WName_Smart_Class *sc)
* {
* ELM_WIDGET_CLASS(sc)->base.add = _elm_wname_smart_add;
* ELM_WIDGET_CLASS(sc)->base.del = _elm_wname_smart_del;
* ELM_WIDGET_CLASS(sc)->theme = _elm_wname_smart_theme;
* ELM_WIDGET_CLASS(sc)->disable = _elm_wname_smart_disable;
* ELM_WIDGET_CLASS(sc)->on_focus = _elm_wname_smart_on_focus;
* }
* // actual API to create your widget. add more to manipulate it as
* // needed mark your calls with EAPI to make them "external api"
* // calls.
* EAPI Evas_Object *
* elm_wname_add(Evas_Object *parent)
* {
* Evas_Object *obj;
* obj = elm_widget_add(_elm_check_smart_class_new(), parent);
* if (!obj) return NULL;
* if (!elm_widget_sub_object_add(parent, obj))
* ERR("could not add %p as sub object of %p", obj, parent);
* return obj;
* }
* // example - do "whatever" to the widget (here just emit a signal)
* EAPI void
* elm_wname_whatever(Evas_Object *obj)
* {
* // check if type is correct - check will return if it fails
* // get widget data - type is correct and sane by this point, so this
* // should never fail
* ELM_WNAME_DATA_GET(obj, sd);
* // do whatever you like
* edje_object_signal_emit(sd->sub, "elm,state,action,whatever", "elm");
* }
* // you can add more - you need to see elementary's code to know how
* // to handle all cases. remember this api is not stable and may
* change. it's internal
#warning "You are using an internal elementary API. This API is not stable"
#warning "and is subject to change. You use this at your own risk."
#warning "Remember to call elm_widget_api_check(ELM_INTERNAL_API_VERSION);"
#warning "in your widgets before you call any other elm_widget calls to do"
#warning "a correct runtime version check. Also remember - you don't NEED"
#warning "to make an Elementary widget is almost ALL cases. You can easily"
#warning "make a smart object with Evas's API and do everything you need"
#warning "there. You only need a widget if you want to seamlessly be part"
#warning "of the focus tree and want to transparently become a container"
#warning "for any number of child Elementary widgets"
#error "ERROR. Compile aborted."
* @defgroup Widget Widgets Extension Infrastructure
* This section is intended for people willing to create @b custom
* Elementary widgets or to contribute new (useful, unique) widgets
* upstream. If neither is your case, this text won't be of any use
* for you.
* Elementary widgets are built in a @b hierarchical fashion. The idea
* is to factorize as much code as possible between widgets with
* behavioral similarities, as long as to facilitate the creation of
* @b custom, new widgets, may the user need them.
* It all starts with a base class, which aggregates behaviour
* @b every Elementary widget is supposed to have:
* #Elm_Widget_Smart_Class. Every Elementary widget will be of that
* type, be it directly or by means of @b inheriting from it.
* #Elm_Widget_Smart_Class happens to be an @c Evas_Smart_Class. If
* you check out Evas' documentation on it, you'll see it's how one is
* supposed to create custom Evas objects, what Elementary widgets
* are.
* Once one instantiates an Elementary widget, since it inherits from
* #Elm_Widget_Smart_Class, the system will raise a class instance of
* that type for you. But that happens only @b once: the first time
* you ask for an Elementary widget (of a given type). All subsequent
* ones will only point to the very same class instance. Since it's
* the class which points to the functions implementing the behavior
* of objects of that type, all of the live instances of Elementary
* widgets (of that type) will share the same blob of code loaded in
* memory to execute their routines.
* Now go and take a look at #Elm_Widget_Smart_Class's fields. Because
* it inherits from Evas' base smart class, we got a field of that
* type as the first member, so that Evas can handle Elementary
* objects internally as if they were 'normal' Evas objects. Evas has
* the Evas-only behavior function pointers in there, so it's all it
* needs.
* Then, comes a version field, so that whenever we got to update or
* change the fields on our base smart class, there'll be a runtime
* check of the version expected by Elementary and the one provided by
* any code linking with it. A mismatch will show the developer of
* that code he/she needs to recompile and link its code to a newer
* version of Elementary.
* The next fields are the class functions themselves. We call them
* 'virtual' because, as in object-oriented languages, one is supposed
* here to override them on inheriting classes. On most of
* inheritances you'll probably want to call the parent's version of
* the class function too: you must analyse each case to tell.
* Take a look at #Elm_Widget_Smart_Data. That's private data bound to
* each Elementary object @b instance. It aggregates data needed for
* all widgets, since it's meant for the #Elm_Widget_Smart_Class-typed
* ones.
* When inheriting from that base type, instance data for this new
* class has to have, as the first member, a field of type
* #Elm_Widget_Smart_Data. This has to be respected recursively -- if
* a third class is to be created inheriting from the one that is a
* direct 'child' of #Elm_Widget_Smart_Class, then the private data on
* this third class has to have, as its first field, a variable of the
* type of the private data of the second class (its parent), direct
* child of #Elm_Widget_Smart_Class.
* It is from the base private data, #Elm_Widget_Smart_Data, that we
* reach an object's class functions, by the given object
* instance. This is the reason of the first field of that struct: a
* pointer set to point to its class when the object is instantiated.
* The following figure illustrates the widget inheritance schema.
* @image html elm-widget-hierarchy.png
* @image rtf elm-widget-hierarchy.png
* @image latex elm-widget-hierarchy.eps
* @section elm-hierarchy-tree Elementary Widgets Hierarchy Tree
* The following figure illustrates the Elementary widget inheritance
* tree.
* @image html elm-widget-tree.png
* @image rtf elm-widget-tree.png
* @image latex elm-widget-tree.eps
#include "elm_object_item.h"
#include "efl_ui.eot.h"
typedef Eo Efl_Ui_Focus_Manager;
#include "efl_ui_focus_object.eo.h"
#include "efl_ui_focus_manager.eo.h"
typedef Eina_Bool (*Elm_Widget_Del_Pre_Cb)(void *data);
typedef void (*Elm_Widget_Item_Signal_Cb)(void *data, Elm_Object_Item *item, const char *emission, const char *source);
typedef void (*Elm_Access_On_Highlight_Cb)(void *data);
typedef void (*Elm_Widget_On_Show_Region_Cb)(void *data, Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Rect region);
#include "efl_ui_widget.eo.h"
#include "elm_widget_item_container_eo.h"
* @addtogroup Widget
* @{
* Base widget smart data. This is data bound to an Elementary object
* @b instance, so its particular to that specific object and not
* shared between all objects in its class. It is here, though, that
* we got a pointer to the object's class, the first field -- @c
* 'api'.
typedef struct _Elm_Widget_Smart_Data
Evas_Object *parent_obj; /**< parent object of a widget in the elementary tree */
Eina_Array *children;
Evas_Object *resize_obj; /**< an unique object for each widget that shows the look of a widget. Resize object's geometry is same as the widget. This resize object is different from that of window's resize object. */
Evas_Object *hover_obj;
Evas_Object *bg;
Evas_Object *window;
Eina_List *tooltips, *cursors;
/* "show region" coordinates. all widgets got those because this
* info may be set and queried recursively through the widget
* parenting tree */
Eina_Rect show_region;
/* scrolling hold/freeze hints. all widgets got those because this
* info may be set and queried recursively through the widget
* parenting tree */
int scroll_hold;
int scroll_freeze;
double scale;
Elm_Theme *theme;
const char *klass; /**< 1st identifier of an edje object group which is used in theme_set. klass and group are used together. */
const char *group; /**< 2nd identifier of an edje object group which is used in theme_set. klass and group are used together. */
const char *style;
const char *access_info;
const char *accessible_name;
int child_drag_x_locked;
int child_drag_y_locked;
int disabled;
int tree_unfocusable;
Eina_Inlist *translate_strings;
Eina_List *event_cb;
/* this is a hook to be set on-the-fly on widgets. this is code
* handling the request of showing a specific region from an inner
* widget (mainly issued by entries, on cursor moving) */
void *on_show_region_data;
Elm_Widget_On_Show_Region_Cb on_show_region;
Eina_Free_Cb on_show_region_data_free;
Elm_Focus_Move_Policy focus_move_policy;
Elm_Focus_Region_Show_Mode focus_region_show_mode;
Efl_Ui_Widget_Focus_State focus;
struct {
int child_count;
Efl_Ui_Focus_Object *parent;
} logical;
struct {
Efl_Ui_Focus_Manager *manager;
Efl_Ui_Focus_Object *provider;
} manager;
struct {
Eina_Bool listen_to_manager;
Eina_List *custom_chain;
Evas_Object *prev, *next, *up, *down, *right, *left;
Elm_Object_Item *item_prev, *item_next, *item_up, *item_down, *item_right, *item_left;
} legacy_focus;
struct {
Efl_Model *model;
Efl_Model_Provider *provider;
Eina_Hash *model_lookup;
Eina_Hash *view_lookup;
Eina_Bool registered : 1;
Eina_Bool callback_to_provider : 1;
} properties;
void *shared_win_data;
Eina_Bool scroll_x_locked : 1;
Eina_Bool scroll_y_locked : 1;
Eina_Bool can_focus : 1;
Eina_Bool focused : 1;
Eina_Bool top_win_focused : 1;
Eina_Bool focus_move_policy_auto_mode : 1; /* This is TRUE by default */
Eina_Bool highlight_ignore : 1;
Eina_Bool highlight_in_theme : 1;
Eina_Bool access_highlight_in_theme : 1;
Eina_Bool is_mirrored : 1;
Eina_Bool mirrored_auto_mode : 1; /* This is TRUE by default */
Eina_Bool still_in : 1;
Eina_Bool highlighted : 1;
Eina_Bool highlight_root : 1;
Eina_Bool on_translate : 1; /**< This is true when any types of elm translate function is being called. */
Eina_Bool on_create : 1; /**< This is true when the widget is on creation(general widget constructor). */
Eina_Bool on_destroy: 1; /**< This is true when the widget is on destruction(general widget destructor). */
Eina_Bool provider_lookup : 1; /**< This is true when efl_provider_find is currently walking the tree */
Eina_Bool has_shadow : 1;
Eina_Bool internal : 1;
} Elm_Widget_Smart_Data;
typedef Elm_Widget_Smart_Data Efl_Ui_Widget_Data;
* @}
/**< base structure for all widget items that are not Efl_Ui_Widget themselves */
typedef struct _Elm_Widget_Item_Data Elm_Widget_Item_Data;
typedef struct _Elm_Widget_Item_Signal_Data Elm_Widget_Item_Signal_Data;
/**< accessibility information to be able to set and get from the access API */
typedef struct _Elm_Access_Info Elm_Access_Info;
/**< accessibility info item */
typedef struct _Elm_Access_Item Elm_Access_Item;
typedef struct _Elm_Action Elm_Action;
/** Internal type for mouse cursors */
typedef struct _Elm_Cursor Elm_Cursor;
/** Internal type for tooltips */
typedef struct _Elm_Tooltip Elm_Tooltip;
#define ELM_ACCESS_DONE -1 /* sentence done - send done event here */
#define ELM_ACCESS_CANCEL -2 /* stop reading immediately */
struct _Elm_Access_Item
int type;
const void *data;
Elm_Access_Info_Cb func;
struct _Elm_Access_Info
Evas_Object *hoverobj;
Eina_List *items;
Ecore_Timer *delay_timer;
void *on_highlight_data;
Elm_Access_On_Highlight_Cb on_highlight;
void *activate_data;
Elm_Access_Activate_Cb activate;
/* the owner widget item that owns this access info */
Elm_Widget_Item_Data *widget_item;
/* the owner part object that owns this access info */
Evas_Object *part_object;
Evas_Object *next;
Evas_Object *prev;
struct _Elm_Action
const char *name;
Eina_Bool (*func)(Evas_Object *obj, const char *params);
void _elm_access_shutdown(void);
void _elm_access_mouse_event_enabled_set(Eina_Bool enabled);
/* if auto_higlight is EINA_TRUE, it does not steal a focus, it just moves a highlight */
void _elm_access_auto_highlight_set(Eina_Bool enabled);
Eina_Bool _elm_access_auto_highlight_get(void);
void _elm_access_widget_item_access_order_set(Elm_Widget_Item_Data *item, Eina_List *objs);
const Eina_List *_elm_access_widget_item_access_order_get(const Elm_Widget_Item_Data *item);
void _elm_access_widget_item_access_order_unset(Elm_Widget_Item_Data *item);
// widget focus highlight
void _elm_widget_focus_highlight_start(const Evas_Object *obj);
void _elm_widget_highlight_in_theme_update(Eo *obj);
// win focus highlight
void _elm_win_focus_highlight_start(Evas_Object *obj);
void _elm_win_focus_highlight_in_theme_update(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool in_theme);
Evas_Object *_elm_win_focus_highlight_object_get(Evas_Object *obj);
void _elm_win_focus_auto_show(Evas_Object *obj);
void _elm_win_focus_auto_hide(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void _elm_access_clear(Elm_Access_Info *ac);
EAPI void _elm_access_text_set(Elm_Access_Info *ac, int type, const char *text);
EAPI void _elm_access_callback_set(Elm_Access_Info *ac, int type, Elm_Access_Info_Cb func, const void *data);
EAPI char *_elm_access_text_get(const Elm_Access_Info *ac, int type, const Evas_Object *obj); /* this is ok it actually returns a strduped string - it's meant to! */
EAPI void _elm_access_read(Elm_Access_Info *ac, int type, const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void _elm_access_say(const char *txt);
EAPI Elm_Access_Info *_elm_access_info_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void _elm_access_object_highlight(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void _elm_access_object_unhighlight(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void _elm_access_object_highlight_disable(Evas *e);
EAPI void _elm_access_object_register(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *hoverobj);
EAPI void _elm_access_object_unregister(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *hoverobj);
EAPI Eina_Bool _elm_access_2nd_click_timeout(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void _elm_access_highlight_set(Evas_Object* obj);
EAPI Evas_Object * _elm_access_edje_object_part_object_register(Evas_Object *obj, const Evas_Object *partobj, const char* part);
EAPI void _elm_access_edje_object_part_object_unregister(Evas_Object* obj, const Evas_Object *eobj, const char* part);
EAPI void _elm_access_widget_item_register(Elm_Widget_Item_Data *item);
EAPI void _elm_access_widget_item_unregister(Elm_Widget_Item_Data *item);
EAPI void _elm_access_on_highlight_hook_set(Elm_Access_Info *ac, Elm_Access_On_Highlight_Cb func, void *data);
EAPI void _elm_access_activate_callback_set(Elm_Access_Info *ac, Elm_Access_Activate_Cb func, void *data);
EAPI void _elm_access_highlight_object_activate(Evas_Object *obj, Efl_Ui_Activate act);
EAPI void _elm_access_highlight_cycle(Evas_Object *obj, Elm_Focus_Direction dir);
EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Elm_Access_Info *_elm_access_object_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
#define ELM_PREFS_DATA_MAGIC 0xe1f5da7a
/**< put this as the first member in your widget item struct */
#define ELM_WIDGET_ITEM Elm_Widget_Item_Data base
struct _Elm_Widget_Item_Signal_Data
Elm_Object_Item *item;
Elm_Widget_Item_Signal_Cb func;
const char *emission;
const char *source;
void *data;
#define WIDGET_ITEM_DATA_GET(eo_obj) \
efl_key_data_get((Eo *) eo_obj, "__elm_widget_item_data")
#define WIDGET_ITEM_DATA_SET(eo_obj, data) \
efl_key_data_set((Eo *) eo_obj, "__elm_widget_item_data", data)
struct _Elm_Widget_Item_Data
/* ef1 ~~ efl, el3 ~~ elm */
#define ELM_WIDGET_ITEM_MAGIC 0xef1e1301
/* simple accessor macros */
#define VIEW(X) X->base->view
#define VIEW_SET(X, V) efl_wref_add(V, &X->base->view)
#define WIDGET(X) X->base->widget
#define EO_OBJ(X) ((X)?X->base->eo_obj:NULL)
/**< the owner widget that owns this item */
Evas_Object *widget;
/**< The Eo item, useful to invoke eo_do when only the item data is available */
Eo *eo_obj;
/**< the base view object */
Evas_Object *view;
/**< user delete callback function */
Evas_Smart_Cb del_func;
/**< widget delete callback function. don't expose this callback call */
Elm_Widget_Del_Pre_Cb del_pre_func;
Evas_Object *focus_previous, *focus_next;
Evas_Object *focus_up, *focus_down, *focus_right, *focus_left;
Elm_Object_Item *item_focus_previous, *item_focus_next;
Elm_Object_Item *item_focus_up, *item_focus_down, *item_focus_right, *item_focus_left;
Eina_Stringshare *style;
Evas_Object *access_obj;
const char *access_info;
const char *accessible_name;
Eina_List *access_order;
Eina_Inlist *translate_strings;
Eina_List *signals;
Eina_Hash *labels;
Evas_Object *track_obj;
Eina_Bool disabled : 1;
Eina_Bool on_deletion : 1;
Eina_Bool on_translate : 1;
Eina_Bool still_in : 1;
#define ELM_NEW(t) calloc(1, sizeof(t))
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_api_check(int ver);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_access(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool is_access);
EAPI Eina_Error elm_widget_theme(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_theme_specific(Evas_Object *obj, Elm_Theme *th, Eina_Bool force);
EAPI void elm_widget_on_show_region_hook_set(Evas_Object *obj, void *data, Elm_Widget_On_Show_Region_Cb func, Eina_Free_Cb data_free);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_sub_object_parent_add(Evas_Object *sobj);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_sub_object_add(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *sobj);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_sub_object_del(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *sobj);
EAPI void elm_widget_resize_object_set(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *sobj);
EAPI void elm_widget_hover_object_set(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *sobj);
EAPI void elm_widget_signal_emit(Evas_Object *obj, const char *emission, const char *source);
EAPI void elm_widget_signal_callback_add(Evas_Object *obj, const char *emission, const char *source, Edje_Signal_Cb func, void *data);
EAPI void *elm_widget_signal_callback_del(Evas_Object *obj, const char *emission, const char *source, Edje_Signal_Cb func);
EAPI void elm_widget_can_focus_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool can_focus);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_can_focus_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_child_can_focus_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI Eina_List *elm_widget_can_focus_child_list_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_tree_unfocusable_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool tree_unfocusable);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_tree_unfocusable_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_highlight_ignore_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool ignore);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_highlight_ignore_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_highlight_in_theme_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool highlight);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_highlight_in_theme_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_access_highlight_in_theme_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool highlight);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_access_highlight_in_theme_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_highlight_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI Eo *elm_widget_top_get(const Eo *obj);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_is(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI Evas_Object *elm_widget_parent_widget_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_event_callback_add(Evas_Object *obj, Elm_Event_Cb func, const void *data);
EAPI void *elm_widget_event_callback_del(Evas_Object *obj, Elm_Event_Cb func, const void *data);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_focus_highlight_style_set(Evas_Object *obj, const char *style);
EAPI const char *elm_widget_focus_highlight_style_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_parent_highlight_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool highlighted);
EAPI void elm_widget_focus_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool focus);
EAPI Evas_Object *elm_widget_parent_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_display_mode_set(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Display_Mode dispmode);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_focus_highlight_enabled_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_focus_highlight_focus_part_geometry_get(const Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Coord *x, Evas_Coord *y, Evas_Coord *w, Evas_Coord *h);
Evas_Object *_elm_widget_focus_highlight_object_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
* @internal
* Restore the focus state of the sub-tree.
* This API will restore the focus state of the sub-tree to the latest
* state. If a sub-tree is unfocused and wants to get back to the latest
* focus state, this API will be helpful.
* @param obj The widget root of sub-tree
* @ingroup Widget
EAPI void elm_widget_disabled_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool disabled);
EAPI Eina_Bool elm_widget_disabled_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_show_region_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Rect sr, Eina_Bool forceshow);
EAPI Eina_Rect elm_widget_show_region_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI Eina_Rect elm_widget_focus_region_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_focus_region_show(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_scroll_hold_push(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_scroll_hold_pop(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI int elm_widget_scroll_hold_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_scroll_freeze_push(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_scroll_freeze_pop(Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI int elm_widget_scroll_freeze_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_theme_set(Evas_Object *obj, Elm_Theme *th);
EAPI Elm_Theme *elm_widget_theme_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI Eina_Error elm_widget_style_set(Evas_Object *obj, const char *style);
EAPI const char *elm_widget_style_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_type_set(Evas_Object *obj, const char *type);
EAPI const char *elm_widget_type_get(const Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void elm_widget_tooltip_add(Evas_Object *obj, Elm_Tooltip *tt);
EAPI void elm_widget_tooltip_del(Evas_Object *obj, Elm_Tooltip *tt);
EAPI void