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EFL 1.23.0
EFL 1.24.0
Changes since 1.23.0:
* eina: add comparison macros for Eina_Size2D and Eina_Position2D
* ecore-wl2: Add API to find a window by surface
* ecore-wl2: Add API to find a connected display given a name
* ecore-wl2: Add API to return the compositor object from a given display
* ecore-wl2: Add API to return window type
* ecore-wl2: Add API to find a window by given surface
* edje: Add text change signal
* edje: add json file support feature
* efl_ui/bg: unset finger_size multiplier during construction (T8304)
* elementary: always use a font that matches our expectation for our test instead of the system one. (T8277)
* doc: improve colorselector preview (T8304)
* eldbus: properly call parent finalize during creation of Eldbus.Model_Method.
* efl_ui/win: fix max size hint eval (T8304)
* eet - fix loading eet files that do not have dicts (T8368)
* evas/callbacks: emit hardcoded legacy smart callbacks always
* elm/layout: add some workarounds to try handling legacy min sizes
* ecore_evas/wl2 0 fux xdg close cb for window when it's closed remotely
* wl egl - use platform get display
* ecore-evas-wayland: Add handler to array
* ecore_evas_wayland: Fix array step size
* efl/timer: correctly handle recursion for timer processing
* elm/genlist: trigger filter,done callback immediately if no filter queue exists
* elm/genlist: fix "drag" smart callback
* elm/genlist: set pan need recalc during item move on item position change
* elm/genlist: fix item focus unregister on item move
* ecore/timer: correctly handle recursive deletion of legacy timers
* ecore-drm2: Fix issue of shifting 1 by more than 32bits
* efreet - consider ctime changes as changes too
* edje - box - calc min size correctly at start ...
* vector svg: apply fill-opacity to graidents fill objects.
* evas vector: initialize data member properly.
* fix jpeg loading which freed the wrong ptr (T8497)
* fix the wrong method signature for evas_textgrid
* efl_ui/layout: fix multiple emissions of theme,changed during construction
* ui image: fix scale_method expand behavior.
* ecore-x - fix fallbacks to use capital X in lib name (T8543)
* elm - widget - actually check object smart data return for no data
* canvas vector: fix to refresh svg file of vector object.
* evas - fix access-after-free where during destroy hash item not cleared
* elm - fix filesel deferred unref to not crash
* ecore_con - freebsd bind blocking workaround
* elm win + ecore evas - fix csd stuff like base size and min sizing
* evas - fix access-after-free number 2 (T8534)
* elm win - fix client side move/resize req handling csd in x
* edje - store original size in edje struct and dont exceed max size
* evas - loaders - jp2k - re-enable in the build after it was lost
* edje_entry: Add matching tag.
* evas/events: fix multi-touch object targeting on touch down events
* eo - fix - fix alignment of eo object class structs - it was wrong
* canvas font: correct wrong masking length.
* Efl.Gfx.Path: Fix condition of for loop in current search
* canvas mask: fix incorrect render surface size.
* canvas proxy: fix broken proxy source clipping function.
* evas gl: clip rect with proper size.
* canvas proxy: fix a missing case that proxy not updated properly.
* evas_object_box: respect static clipper.
* ecore evas x - on argb dont create unused 1 bit pixmap masks
* emotion - webcam - fix segv on webcam plug/unplug and clean
* emotion & evas: remove gstreamer 0.10 support
@ -12,6 +76,7 @@ Removals:
* ecore_x: remove support XGesture extension
* elocation: remove beta library
* eeze: remove tizen module support from eeze sensor
* evas3d: remove support for evas 3D which was a beta all along
Changes since 1.22.0:

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project('efl', ['c','cpp'],
version: '1.23.99',
default_options : ['buildtype=plain', 'cpp_std=c++11'],
version: '1.24.0',
default_options : ['buildtype=release', 'cpp_std=c++11'],
meson_version : '>=0.47'