release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.13.0 release

efl-1.13 v1.13.0
Stefan Schmidt 8 years ago
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commit b5d48869bc
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@ -229,6 +229,25 @@ Fixes:
* eina: fix tests suites for Windows to have a predictable result.
* Edje: edje_edit - abort Recursive Reference in edje_edit_part_source_set
* ecore-drm: Trap for failure to dup stdin
* ecore-wayland: Don't send key repeat events for keys which should not get them
* eet - fix endianess break added by cedric a year ago in image decoding (T1987)
* eina: fix valgrind invalid read of size in eina_file_path_sanitize.
* ecore-x: Deprecate misspelled screensaver API function
* ecore-x: Deprecate old misspelled API function and add new one
* ecore-x: Port deprecated API and new API function to xcb
* evas: Evas_3D - fix bug with uninit Evas_Mat4 flag.
* eldbus: production code inside Eina Safety Check assert.
* Ecore_con: fix initialisation clean up and avoid memory leak.
* eldbus: fix memory leak.
* elua: correct eo inheritance behavior
* eina: Eina_Value - use eina_mempool_free to cleanup the memory
* evas: Evas_3D - fix when bounding sphere is large, situation with incorrect frustum calculation was possible.
* eldbus: eina_value not allocated from mempool.
* evas: Evas_3D - fix evas_3d_scene_pick when trying to get empty texcoords from mesh.
* evas: Evas_3D - fix order of transformation while updating bounding object.
* eina: fix semaphore initialisation
* ecore-drm: Fix issue with ecore_drm_output_crtc_Find sending back an invalid id. Fix T2086
* evas - gl engine - pipe renderer - disabling of unused arrays for lines
Changes since 1.11.0:

@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
EFL_VERSION([1], [13], [0], [release])
AC_INIT([efl], [efl_version-beta3], [])
AC_INIT([efl], [efl_version], [])