efl: actually test and make pkgbuild work.

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Carsten Haitzler 2013-06-05 20:05:47 +09:00
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commit bec4be64a1
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@ -2,32 +2,50 @@
pkgname=('efl' 'efl_doc' 'efl_x11')
pkgdesc="Enlightenment Foundation Libraries"
pkgdesc="Enlightenment Foundation Libraries - GIT development snapshot (Ecore, Eldbus, Edje, Eet, Eeze, Efreet, Eina, Eio, Embryo, Emotion, Eo, Ephysics, Ethumb, & Evas)"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64' 'arm')
license=('BSD' 'LGPL2' 'GPL2')
depends=('bullet' 'libpng' 'libjpeg-turbo' 'gstreamer0.10' 'zlib' 'lua' 'libtiff' 'openssl' 'util-linux' 'curl' 'dbus-core' 'glibc' 'fontconfig' 'freetype2' 'fribidi' 'libpulse' 'libsndfile' 'systemd' 'libx11' 'libxau' 'libxcomposite' 'libxdamage' 'libxdmcp' 'libxext' 'libxfixes' 'libxinerama' 'libxi' 'libxrandr' 'libxrender' 'libxss' 'libxtst' ' libgl' 'giflib')
options=('strip' 'docs' 'zipman')
depends=('bullet' 'libpng' 'libjpeg-turbo' 'gstreamer0.10'
'gstreamer0.10-base' 'gstreamer0.10-good'
'gstreamer0.10-bad' 'gstreamer0.10-ugly' 'gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg'
'zlib' 'lua' 'libtiff' 'openssl' 'util-linux' 'curl' 'dbus-core'
'glibc' 'fontconfig' 'freetype2' 'fribidi' 'libpulse'
'libsndfile' 'systemd' 'libx11' 'libxau' 'libxcomposite'
'libxdamage' 'libxdmcp' 'libxext' 'libxfixes' 'libxinerama'
'libxi' 'libxrandr' 'libxrender' 'libxss' 'libxtst'
'libxcursor' 'libxp' 'libgl' 'giflib' 'libwebp' 'harfbuzz')
provides=("ecore=$pkgver" "eldbus=$pkgver" "edje=$pkgver"
"eet=$pkgver" "eeze=$pkgver" "efreet=$pkgver"
"eina=$pkgver" "eio=$pkgver" "embryo=$pkgver" "emotion=$pkgver"
"ephysics=$pkgver" "ethumb=$pkgver" "evas=$pkgver"
"efl=$pkgver" 'efl_x11' 'efl-svn')
conflicts=('ecore' 'edje' 'eet' 'eeze' 'efreet' 'eina' 'eio' 'embryo'
'emotion' 'ethumb' 'evas' 'efl' 'efl_x11' 'efl-svn')
options=('strip' 'docs' 'zipman' '!libtool' 'debug')
buildflags="-fvisibility=hidden -fomit-frame-pointer"
build() {
cd ".."
cd "../.."
make clean distclean
./configure --prefix=/usr \
--disable-static --enable-fb --disable-tslib --enable-xinput22
--disable-static --disable-tslib --enable-fb \
--enable-xinput22 --enable-multisense --enable-systemd \
--enable-image-loader-webp --enable-harfbuzz
make doc
check() {
cd ".."
make -k check
#check() {
# cd "../.."
# make -k check
package_efl() {
cd ".."
export CFLAGS="-O2 -g -pipe -fvisibility=hidden -ffast-math"
export LDFLAGS=""
cd "../.."
rm -rf $pkgdir/usr
make DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install
make -j1 DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install
install -Dm644 README $pkgdir/usr/share/$pkgname/licenses/$pkgname/README
install -Dm644 NEWS $pkgdir/usr/share/$pkgname/licenses/$pkgname/NEWS
install -Dm644 ChangeLog $pkgdir/usr/share/$pkgname/licenses/$pkgname/ChangeLog
@ -48,19 +66,21 @@ package_efl() {
package_efl_doc() {
cd ".."
cd "../.."
rm -rf $pkgdir/usr
make DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install
make -j1 doc
make -j1 DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install
mkdir -p $pkgdir/usr/share/man/man3
cp -r doc/html $pkgdir/usr/share/$pkgname/
cp -r doc/latex $pkgdir/usr/share/$pkgname/latex
rm -f `find $pkgdir -name '*.la' -print`
package_efl_x11() {
cd ".."
cd "../.."
rm -rf $pkgdir/usr
make DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install
tar cf xf.tar \
make -j1 DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install
tar cf /tmp/xf.tar \
$pkgdir/usr/include/evas-1/Evas_Engine_*_X11.h \
$pkgdir/usr/include/ecore-x-1 \
$pkgdir/usr/lib/evas/modules/engines/*_x11 \
@ -69,5 +89,6 @@ package_efl_x11() {
$pkgdir/usr/lib/pkgconfig/ecore-x.pc \
rm -rf $pkgdir/usr
tar -C / -P -xf xf.tar
tar -C / -P -xf /tmp/xf.tar
rm -f `find $pkgdir -name '*.la' -print`