data: elm: images: fix double data file definitions leading to races

For a while now I had strange races during make install on Jenkins where some
image files either already existed or chmod was called on files not there yet.

It took some digging but it turns out commit
8dcd5207cc broke this as a side effect. The black
magic that already installed the files JP refers to is sitting in
data/ It is plain autofoo stuff and just includes the images
Makefile to get the list of files.

JP was correct though that the glayer files have not been installed into the
correct subdir. Fixing this as well here.
Stefan Schmidt 7 years ago
parent ceb63bb202
commit ce97a042e3
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@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ include elementary/images/
elementaryimagesdir = $(datadir)/elementary/images
elementaryimages_DATA = $(elementary_images_files)
elementaryimages_glayerdir = $(datadir)/elementary/images
elementaryimages_glayerdir = $(datadir)/elementary/images/g_layer
elementaryimages_glayer_DATA = $(elementary_images_glayer_files)
EXTRA_DIST += $(elementary_images_files) $(elementary_images_glayer_files)

@ -88,11 +88,3 @@ elementary_images_glayer_files = \
elementary/images/g_layer/flick_5.png \
elementary/images/g_layer/long_tap_5.png \
elementary_images_filesdir = $(datadir)/elementary/images
elementary_images_files_DATA = $(elementary_images_files)
elementary_images_glayer_filesdir = $(datadir)/elementary/images/g_layer
elementary_images_glayer_files_DATA = $(elementary_images_glayer_files)
EXTRA_DIST += $(elementary_images_files_DATA) $(elementary_images_glayer_files_DATA)