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EFL 1.24.0
EFL 1.25.0
Changes since 1.24.0:
* ecore-drm2: Add support for using page_flip_handler2
* ecore-drm2: Add API function to return default depth
* ecore_evas: only define these eina errors once
* exactness: remove no longer needed _evas_new()
* edje - don't set font sizes less than 1
* ecore_evas_x - fix maximize/unmaximize request corner case
* exactness_player: do not test for delay_ms
* evas + gl - fix callback-to-app-changes-state issue with pixel data
* canvas render: don't apply mask if the objects in the map.
* evas_object_textblock: fix to free style properly by edje's style_user_pop
* evas_vg_shape: return NULL in evas_vg_shape_add when the parent of shape is NULL
* efl_ui_image: fix to call "clicked" smart callback when there is no img
* ecore-x - ensure we fully look at all xkb events and refresh all binds
* evas_vg_container: return NULL in evas_vg_container_add when the parent of container is NULL
* ecore thread - feedback threads should not be background threads...
* ecore_evas_wayland_common: keep the backword compatibility for wayland dnd handler
* edje: fix animation memory leak.
* canvas vg: fix dangling vector containers.
* evas vg: clean up dangling instances
* canvas vg: fix vector file data memory leak.
* evas - csd and wl csd - fix alpha zeroing to avoid framespace junk
* efl gfx_path: fix memory leak.
* evas - genetic update regions smart merge - merge v adjacent regions
* efreet - handle runtime relocation right with default XDG_DATA_DIRS
* efl_ui_image: fixed elm_image_preload_disabled_set api is not working when it is called before file set
* elm_image: keep backword compatibility for elm_image_file_set API when setting url file set twice
* efreetd - cache - add more statinfo work around 0 mtime distros
* elm_code: on newline ensure line number visible. (T2798)
* elm_code: cursor visbility fix.
* edje - fix edje_cc mis-re-iding images in image sets
* efl_ui_image: remove the unnecessary code in efl_file_unload
* win - x io errors really just have to exit, so call the iorr cb + exit
* evas - render - dont crash is private data is null
* eina vpath - fix windows ~username handling to only error when used
* efl ui image - fix scal to fill - broken with non-rect src images
* embryo: fix a integer(cell) overflow problem
* elput - support as well as
* edje - calce - really respect max image size for img sets
* ecore - don't do anything with heap between fork and exec
* evas - fix deadlock with sw async rendering calling cbs in post flush
Changes since 1.23.0:

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project('efl', ['c','cpp'],
version: '1.24.99',
default_options : ['buildtype=plain', 'cpp_std=c++11'],
version: '1.25.0',
default_options : ['buildtype=release', 'cpp_std=c++11'],
meson_version : '>=0.50'