travis: update asan build to Fedora 32

With the updated gcc to version 10 the AddressSanitizer plugin seems to
have switched the OneDefionitionRule to 2, which includes reports for
definitions with the same size.

In our case that breaks heavily due to our usage in eina_module:

==147526==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: odr-violation (0x7fca71b29300):
  [1] size=8 '__eina_module_shutdown' ../src/modules/ecore_imf/xim/ecore_imf_xim.c:821:1
  [2] size=8 '__eina_module_shutdown' ../src/modules/evas/engines/buffer/evas_engine.c:185:1

Disabeling it for our runs.
Stefan Schmidt 3 years ago
parent 287ec50203
commit e890d3b221
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@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ travis_fold check "ninja test"
if [ "$DISTRO" != "" ] ; then
for tries in $(seq 1 ${NUM_TRIES}); do
if [ "$1" = "asan" ]; then
(docker exec --env EINA_LOG_BACKTRACE="0" --env EIO_MONITOR_POLL=1 --env ASAN_OPTIONS=detect_leaks=0:abort_on_error=0 $(cat $HOME/cid) meson test -t 120 -C build --wrapper dbus-launch) && break
(docker exec --env EINA_LOG_BACKTRACE="0" --env EIO_MONITOR_POLL=1 --env ASAN_OPTIONS=detect_leaks=0:abort_on_error=0:detect_odr_violation=0 $(cat $HOME/cid) meson test -t 120 -C build --wrapper dbus-launch) && break
(docker exec --env EINA_LOG_BACKTRACE="0" --env EIO_MONITOR_POLL=1 $(cat $HOME/cid) meson test -t 120 -C build --wrapper dbus-launch ) && break

@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ jobs:
env: DISTRO=Fedora32 CI_BUILD_TYPE=coverity
- os: linux
if: type = cron
env: DISTRO=Fedora31 CI_BUILD_TYPE=asan
env: DISTRO=Fedora32 CI_BUILD_TYPE=asan
- os: linux
if: type = cron
env: DISTRO=Fedora31-exactness CI_BUILD_TYPE=exactness